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The PSOE denounces that the López Miras Government's Concilia Check is a new failure of the Employment counselor


| Virginia Lopo assures that only one person has received this supposed aid in the entire Region, which shows that the occurrences for conciliation of the regional Executive solve absolutely nothing for families | "This is the Reactive Plan of the PP and Citizens Government: non-existent for working fathers and mothers in the Region with problems reconciling their family and work life The deputy of the Socialist Parliamentary Group Virginia Lopo has denounced that the Concilia Check of the López Miras Government is a new failure of the Employment counselor, since only one person has received this supposed help in the entire Region, which shows that the occurrences for Conciliation of the regional Executive does not solve absolutely anything for the families. "The reason for the new failure of the Minister of Employment is that he is not in the reality of the million and a half of Murcians and Murcians, nor of the families with dependent children.

His occurrences do not even serve for the showcase policies in the regional government.

We already know that Motas does not know how to count, does not know how to make forecasts and adopts irrelevant measures that do not satisfy any worker, not even those who have high wages in the Region of Murcia ", he indicated. Virginia Lopo has affirmed that, for this reason, the Check Concilia has not interested anyone, due to its requirements that are alien to the reality of families.

"Who is interested and what family can afford to hire a full-time person to care for their children, whose salary and Social Security cost 1,200 euros, to receive 500 euros of aid?" He explained that of the 3,000 families announced by the Employment Counselor who would benefit from this help, only 36 applied for it, and of these, only one person has been granted. The socialist deputy has said that this demonstrates the failure of the López Miras government's employment aid, the useless management of Motas and his persistence in living in another reality, since he continues without learning from his mistakes, and instead of changing the Requirements of the Concilia Check so that more families can benefit, extend the application period for one more month to see if someone else requests it. He added that this is another of the measures included in the López Miras Government Reactive Plan that proves useless for employment, for families and to make blended presence in the classrooms compatible with the employment of parents. "This is the Reactive Plan of the regional government of PP and Citizens: non-existent for working parents with problems to reconcile their family and work life," he concluded.

The PSOE denounces that the López Miras Governments Concilia Check is a new failure of the Employment counselor, Foto 1

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