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Demand from public administrations the immediate removal of rainbow flags for non-compliance with the flag law


| The Institute of Social Policy and Family Acts demand consistency from public administrations demanding the immediate removal of rainbow flags for non-compliance with the law on flags | The Institute of Social Policy, denounces that the wave of LGTBI flags in public buildings is not permissible, like any other type of flags other than those of the country or the European Union, the entity Actúa Familia, Andalusian, has also joined at the request of the Institute.The Institute has congratulated the achievement of the Christian Lawyers association by getting the LGTBI flag removed from the facade of the town hall in Andalusia and requests that other public spaces remove it immediately.The Institute of Social Policy sends a letter to the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez and to all the mayors where the LGBT flags fly. The Institute of Spanish Social Policy denounces that the flag law is not being complied with and calls for coherence from the political parties, warning that if a flag is not flown on Family Day, much less in Pride month, a flag must be flown.

flag that in the opinion of this entity only represents a group and not the entire society.The Institute has sent a letter to the Prime Minister and to all the mayors of the municipalities that are waving LGBT flags, immediately urging them to remove the flags of the municipalities and public administrations, reminding them of the flag law that, in the opinion of the entity chaired by Hertfelder García-Conde, are in default.The president of the Institute, Pablo Hertfelder García-Conde, calls for coherence and has asked all political parties to be aware of the rejection they cause by supporting the wave or display of the Arcoris flag that only represents part of society. “It is inadmissible that an LGBTI flag be flown and the flag that characterizes families should not be displayed on International Family Day.

We are not participants in the use of public administrations to achieve a unique dissemination of a pro-LGBT message, society has advanced, I do not understand that LGBT groups have to vindicate now if they have practically everything they ask for, while heterosexual families , they are treated very badly ”sentence the president of the Institute.The entity has wanted to show its discontent, making a clear appeal to public administrations and, consequently, to political parties, asking them to stop satisfying a group that, in Hertfelder García-Conde's opinion, does not show tolerance towards those who think alike."I am honestly very unhappy and tired of the facades of public buildings being used to make LGBT propaganda.

What I cannot understand is that they want to transmit, if all their rights are fully defended and the subsidies are not taken away by anyone, what I see is that they want to show that the LGBT community is in the insignia of a country and they are wrong.

We immediately urge political parties to listen to the claim that more than 70,000 families demand through the IPSE, ”explains the president of the Institute.The entity has warned that a year ago it filed a lawsuit for breach of the flag law and the government delegate did not want to listen to the claim that this Institute made to it.HERTFELDER GARCÍA-CONDE: "WE HAVE SENT A LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE GOVERNMENT AND, THEREFORE, TO ALL THE MAYORS OF THE VARIOUS CITY HALLS WHERE THE LGBT FLAGS ARE WAVING, URGING THEM TO REMOVE THEM IMMEDIATELY." The president of the Institute has warned that he does not tolerate the LGTBI collective implanting its ideology in society through public administrations, the Institute points out that what is needed is tolerance but also respect for those who think differently.

Actúa Familia, the Andalusian entity that has obtained, together with Christian Lawyers, the immediate removal of the LGTBI flags from the city of Cádiz, has also joined the request of the Institute.The president of Actúa Familia, Pedro Mejías, has pointed out that it is essential to remember that the LGBT flag cannot be allowed to be in the administrations, while that of the families is never there.

The president of Actúa Familia warns that it is necessary to immediately remove flags that do not represent society, except for a group.For its part, the Institute recalls in its statement that it is necessary to respect the flag law and therefore they urge public administrations to act immediately by removing from their facades the flag that they consider is not representative of society, but specifically of a group.INSTITUTE OF SPANISH SOCIAL POLICY The Institute is a civic, non-profit entity whose purpose is the promotion of the Family, the promotion of social policies in Spain, the defense of the most questioned human rights, the defense of religious freedom and the defense of the education.

This Institute has a wide network of active leaders who advise the decisions and direction of the entity.

Demand from public administrations the immediate removal of rainbow flags for non-compliance with the flag law, Foto 1

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