The PP Totana states that "the appearance of the mayor and popular spokesman in court is meant to revive the media soap opera"


"And the political absurdity generated in this county by Martínez Baños and the local PSOE after the" Operation Totem "

"The local PSOE has based its municipal activity in this legislature prosecute public life and to survive without the serial obsessive" Operation Totem "to wear down the municipal government and electoral profitably," according to PP

Totana's Popular Party said in a statement that "today's hearing at the Court No. 2 Mayor of Totana, José Martínez Andreo, and popular spokesman, José Antonio Valverde, meant to revive, again, the media and the grotesque soap opera policy generated by the former mayor and Socialist secretary general, Alfonso Martínez Baños, and the local PSOE after the "Operation Totem". "

According to PP, "again, statements by municipal officials in the judicial seat back to reveal the strategy of the PSOE of persecution, harassment and demolition began at the beginning of this term exclusively to oust the Mayor to Martínez Andreo and undermine the Government PP, hurt and disrespectful to the municipal election results. "

The PP reiterates that "this is a lynching cruelty and unheard of in a democracy and the rule of law, in which process gets to be repeatedly violating the most basic and embarrassing promoting constitutional rights, again, despite the constant leaks judice and before they know the defenses of the parties to the news summary. "

"Once again, the maneuver orchestrated by Martínez Baños and driven by the local PSOE has to reissue another serial artificial media to take a picture and keep exposed to the public image of municipal officials, while once again parallel trial feedback to media is undergoing Martínez Andreo and some councilors totaneros during this mandate, "added the PP.

Ensure the PP of Totana that "again, Martínez Baños promotes judicial spiral against Martínez Andreo to wear their management and their team of government, discredit the municipal institution and justify the incompetence and ineffectiveness of their policy and puppet dolphin City Hall, Juan Francisco Otálora, who dragged the resentment has not yet assumed the loss of City Hall. "

For the PP, "this situation of helplessness plans to reactivate the demonization of Martínez Andreo" with more rounds of trips to the Courts "and erode the public image of Totana to wear down and get local government electoral gains."

The CP notes that "the secretary general of the Socialists of Totana and spokesman of the group at City Hall, Juan Francisco Otálora, who had allegedly entered into politics to regenerate the political life, has repeatedly said he hoped the" Operation Totem "could improve the electoral results of the last municipal elections, which were the worst of the party in Totana of any democracy."

"Additionally, this new show Martínez Baños and the PSOE de Totana, rooted in past policies, aims to encourage a climate of social tension and ongoing political confrontation both electorally benefit the local socialist group and enforce its threat made in the regular full March 27, 2007 that was to become the shadow of Martínez Andreo, "they add.

According to PP, "Martinez Baños moves by an attitude of persecution and personal grudges, after four years have been governing in coalition with UI without winning elections, they can not meet promises made to Otálora and not get his seat in Regional Assembly. "

"Strategy-law of the PSOE"

The PP of Totana shows solidarity and unconditional support and Valverde Martínez Andreo Queen while recalling that "Martinez told Bathrooms output Supreme Court, in its statement of April 2009, he did not feel threatened by Andrea."

"From the PP would like to thank, again, the support and encouragement of so many citizens, neighborhood associations and social groups that interpret the repeated political strategy as an outrage against these municipal officials and municipal institution's reputation."

It also states that "the PP will come to appreciate the merits of the case since the lifting of the confidentiality of judicial investigations which, incidentally, should be done immediately after the issue publicly known."


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