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According to IU, "the PP tried to throw a smoke screen by using the UI proposal on Civil Baptism"


"To cover the increasing debt and tax increase that was approved this morning in the House"

Claim that "Martínez Andreo aims to please the fundamentalists, who hold at City Hall, rejecting a Democratic proposal to IU, which in no way attacking the Catholic religion"

From the Municipal Group of UI in Totana, considered a smoke screen, the note issued by the PP in the afternoon, on the proposal of the Coalition for Totana were agreed that a register of baptisms Civil, "as remembering comes in several municipalities of the Spanish State. "

"The fact that popular strike out against a proposal that aims to provide an alternative civil secular parents who voluntarily and freely, do not want to integrate their children in religious rites, says much of a political party that believes the institution as a Municipal religious establishment, the style of the previous regime to the Spanish Constitution, "they add.

"The aldermen of IU + Greens have submitted the proposal in plenary , to demand some totaneras families who wish to perform a civil ceremony to give names to their children, to family and democratic institutions and secular, with a commitment to care for and protect children, teaching them positive values, referred to in the statements of Children's Rights and International Conventions. This is to provide a civilian alternative to families who request it, without imposing anything on anyone " , added from IU.

"The furious attack of the PP and the attempt to ridicule the proposal, attacking the left councilors, who are practicing Christians, says much about the Taliban and fundamentalist spirit that moves Martínez Andreo and his councilors, who do not hesitate to use a democratic proposal to launch a smokescreen to cover their increased municipal debt, creating new taxes or economic disaster highlighted in the plenary session this morning ... "says Councilman IU + Greens, Juan Jose Canovas .

"The council rants Aroca, have reached the requirement for council of the Left, to attend the processions, by an obligation that is only the head of the minds fundamentalists who confuse religious freedom with the imposition of acts free people. "

"It is deplorable, used the absence of the Speaker of the House IU, Pedro Martinez, to attack his being a Christian and sow doubt, where the mayor was aware in writing trip to Argentina and Chile, the mayor of IU, and PhD in Agronomy and Research of the CSIC, is doing to this country's scientific work ... ", adds Cánovas.

According to IU, "the PP tried to throw a smoke screen by using the UI proposal on Civil Baptism", Foto 1

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