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The Socialists claim that "the Mayor only wants to make quick cash with irregular expansion of water services concession"


Socialist spokesman took stock of the regular plenary session of July

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According Otálora "Andreo, in forward flight, completely irresponsible act by increasing the mortgage of the City on the brink of ruin, now with the new loan is the advancement of the concession to the water company until 2032"

Juan Fco Otálora has said that "the extension of this grant is a substantial variation of the initial conditions of contract and violates the equal access to companies bidding for a government concession."

He has also stated that "the conditions they agreed to the extension will lead to border on usury and brutal increase of the water bill of totaneros, so it does not rule out that his group take legal action to terminate the agreement unilaterally took Andreo and the PP, with an urgency that makes it suspect. "

The socialist leader says, "The mayor is doing a scorched earth policy, because as you know that will not sit at the next council, which gives as the future of the people, their only concern and obsession to avoid scandal, power pay the monthly salary of civil servants. "

Also said that "irresponsible and inconsistent policy, Andreo has led to the plenary for approval subrogated Proinvitosa a mortgage of more than half a million euros, an employer can not pay their loan. "

"Is this the criteria that will continue with all other employers totaneros with economic difficulties, or is going to do only with those who cast a cape and are close ideologically?" Asks Otálora.

The Socialist councilor to the proposed civil IU a celebration of the birth of a child, has defended "the right of all citizens can perform a civil ceremony in the important moments of your life such as birth, marriage and death, although the popular council and the mayor keep a fundamentalist attitude, uncompromising and demagogic. "

Otálora also stated that "the mayor has systematically lied when he told totaneros fanfare nearly a year, which would lower the salary and today on the floor, asked about it, had the nerve to say that by not get the salary in early 2009, it is as if he had fallen. "

For the Socialist leader, "the mayor unworthy and serious problems will have to explain his political chutzpah to citizens who see them fired or earn no more than a thousand euros at best, as he maintains his status."

Finally, the Socialist spokesman lamented the demagogic and reprehensible attitude of the mayor is not all, or at least as he himself has stated in Parliament, it is mostly of the eight thousand-odd voters who backed him; Andreo not know moderating the plenary, he can not reconcile positions, it is judge and party, has yet to be understood that the mayor of all and not the master of a farm. "

The Socialists claim that "the Mayor only wants to make quick cash with irregular expansion of water services concession", Foto 1

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