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According to IU, "the mayor eliminates the presence of the Opposition Groups in the Bureau of Contract"


They say that is "so that no award would audit the process works and services" and remember their "Councillors have been reported in Recently arbitrary awards, reporting changes, etc. "

Claim that "Martínez Andreo, with the excuse of removing political presence, prominent places in Totana PP militants as members of the Committee shall, as it did with the Courts of personnel selection, in which the faithful have provided graft and handling to award jobs "

Say from the left coalition in a statement that "after the recent allegations concerning awards IU all clear by the jury, as the case of Gardening Service, which was awarded to the General, after changing the initial technical report , Mayor of Totana, Martínez Andreo, has "restored" the composition of the jury, eliminating the council of the Opposition, which had a presence in the municipal court, with voice but no vote, without the collection of fees for attending " .

They add that "Martínez Andreo, with that decision, is to give another twist to the opacity, lack of transparency and rule the City Council as if it were his farm. If for months, eliminated the compensation they received the council for assistance, Now, with the excuse to "depoliticize" the processes of Procurement of Works and Services, dispenses with the Opposition and "placed" in that body featured in Totana PP militants, including one that recently has been awarded a place of Legal Counsel in property and life, which was an official PP confidence in the City. "

Withdrawing to the council of PP is only one of many excuses to justify and "release" of assistance for which no remuneration perceived.

The process and basis of award of works or services, as well as definitive agreements are approved by the Governing Board, which are present only the mayors of the PP.

What to depoliticize the process is only a fallacy, they are politicians who organize and PP decide and bidding processes, "added from IU.

"Clearly what has been done is remove the irritating presence of the Opposition, that we have reported for months irregularities in the proceedings, reports or abuse of negotiated without advertising to award to certain companies, very close to the PP ..." , said Councilman IU, Juan José Canovas.

"The procedure is copied from the composition of the courts of Personnel Selection, in which Martínez Andreo, appoints its faithful on several occasions," guide "the meaning of the tests or requirements to encourage supporters of the PP" conclude from IU.

According to IU, "the mayor eliminates the presence of the Opposition Groups in the Bureau of Contract", Foto 1

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