The regional PSOE recalls that the PP approach your regional conference with more than 30 suspects in various crimes "


Jara considered" particularly bloody "the situation of Totana.

Totana The PP believes that "Pedro Saura must take action now in your local party leaders and convicted on charges investigated and" ... |

The spokesman PSRM-PSOE, José Ramón Jara, denounced that "the Popular Party of the Region of Murcia approaches its next regional conference with over 30 persons charged, including mayors, council members and former officials of the Autonomous Region, marked in some cases and investigated all alleged perpetrators of various crimes urban or those under the Penal Code, relating to public officials, in carrying out their responsibilities. "

He says that "hit list consists of at least a dozen mayors, former councilors and former officials of the autonomous region and so on. Among them are the Mayor of Totana, José Martínez Andreo," which continues in his position with the support of his party, "the regional deputy Juan Morales, and the Mayor of Torre Pacheco, Daniel García Madrid."

Jaramillo presented the case of the City of Totana, "which is absolutely paralyzed and locked, absent credible political leadership without credibility with citizens.

Seek to maintain an image of supposed normality absolutely fictitious.

It is incomprehensible that consenting Valcárcel follow this situation, despite his word, for months, removing it from the Mayor if he continued to weigh on crimes of graft and bribery, as they do. "

According to the socialist spokesman, "not enough to say that Martinez is no longer member of the Popular Party, because the truth, and what affects the citizens, is that it remains mayor's Party, with the unanimous support of all Councillors Totana PP. "

He also deputy secretary-general of the PSOE PSRM stated that "in an economic crisis like this is not acceptable that has paralyzed towns where there may be political leadership as the highest representatives of citizens are under suspicion of Justice crimes allegedly committed in the exercise of its political role. "

Jara concluded that "the Region of Murcia can not continue to lead the list of regions with PP politicians charged in urban crime."

The People's Party has a real problem that has failed or has refused to face up to now, not only have it in Canary or Balearic Islands, but also in the Region of Murcia.

And face it, what measures has Valcárcel so far?

To our knowledge, no. "

Totana The PP believes that "Pedro Saura must take action now in your local party leaders and convicted on charges and investigation"

The Local Executive recalled that "Saura not only lost the opportunity to take action on Martínez Baños, but also boosted his political career in his July Regional Executive"

Totana The PP believes that "the secretary general of PSRM-PSOE, Pedro Saura, not only takes action on public officials accountable and condemned and investigated their party in this county, but also promotes their political career, as made with the secretary general of the local PSOE, Alfonso Martínez Baños, who was appointed responsible for the Territory Management Regional Executive in July. "

The PP believes "more than embarrassing is that Saura drive forward the political career of Martinez Baños after his fiasco at the Regional Assembly, who has been convicted in recent years for various crimes, including one wide accounting by the Court of Auditors forcing him to repay € 20,000 to city coffers. "

Furthermore, the PP totanero Pedro Saura urges to "take urgent measures to open court cases against socialist council Totana and against its current general secretary" and laments that "the Socialists have become part of the judges and totanera public life when he has not even completed the investigation phase. "

It also requires the secretary-general of the PSOE PSRM "to put to work in his six councilors, some of them also accused by the Justice, as the popular-that limit their opposition work in the City of Totana to play media that continues Operation Totem offering, while not tread the Consistory or institutional events or attend any neighborhood. "

Also, the PP has clarified that "José Ramón Jara Not precisely that more lessons can political ethics when he himself has been tainted in corruption cases in Los Alcazares and Zerrichera" while you asked to "let alone the town of Totana which unknown political and social reality and only campaign visit."

Totana Popular Party argues that "neither PSRM-Jara or the PSOE at all concerned about the economic and financial situation of the City and the problems that families have totaneras by the national economic crisis, but rather are obsessed with prevailing public maintenance of the Operation "Totem" for the sole purpose of radicalizing the political and social environment of this town and take political advantage and electoral. "

The PP encourages Jara to "try to convince the six council members of his party in Totana to work more for the common and general interests of the residents of this town and do not limit its work to oppose it on social media selling an unrealistic image of this town. "

Popular Party spokesman in the Region of Murcia says "Jara has much to explain the intricacies of his party and much to learn from the Congress of the PP"

Remember that there are already 36 cases against the PP that have been filed by the Justice

Popular Party spokesman in the region of Murcia, Pedro Antonio Sanchez, has answered the socialist Jara "has much to explain the intricacies of his party and much to learn from the regional congress of the PP."

Thus, the head of the PP has stated that "we still expect the talks to clarify Jara kept people, some affiliated with the PSOE, which are being investigated by the Justice for bribery, attempted vote-buying and negotiations very unscrupulous," so has urged the socialist "that explains everything you know and cooperate with the Justice."

Alongside this, he criticized that "the PSOE returns to its strategy of trying to prosecute the policy and attempts to conceal that they are already 36 cases against the Popular Party have been filed."

According to the PP spokesman Jara would be more useful to the region if he started to worry about his own party and the lack of attention that Murcia provided socialists to defend the interests of Murcia.

"Instead of interest in the Congress of the PP, Jara would do well to work for his party to approve a budget consistent with the needs of the region and we continue boycotting on such important issues as the AVE, water or regional funding" .

Finally concluded that "unlike PSRM Congress, which only served to Saura grabs the chair at all costs, the Popular Party regional congress will present his ideas, initiatives and proposals to ensure the development and future of our Region Murcia demanding solutions needs. "

The regional PSOE recalls that the PP approach your regional conference with more than 30 suspects in various crimes ", Foto 1

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