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Iniesta: "The PP requires the PSOE and IU to prevent Maria Jose Romero Garcia takes office as headman of Totana"


"We appeal to the responsibility of the government team of Totana, by the statements made in social networks on aggression to President Rajoy "

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Regional spokesman PP, Javier Iniesta, said that "PSOE and IU in Totana should prevent Maria Jose Romero Garcia takes office of headman in the town of Totana Morti" in relation to the comments made on social networks, Facebook specifically on the attack yesterday the Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy.

The spokesman said that "the statements made by Maria Jose Romero in social networks are unacceptable for someone who claims to represent the people" and demanded "the government team responsibility of Totana to prevent a person to exercise a job representation. "

Totana The PP requires the Mayor to not let them take possession today to elect MAYOR Morti "to defend and justify in social networks aggression to the Prime Minister"

"We believe that your attitude to defend this act of violence is deplorable and intolerable in a person chosen by the neighbors and that it will represent"

The Municipal People's Party calls for mr.

Mayor of Totana not leave today sworn in as new mayor of the village headman of Morti to Ms. Maria Jose Romero by the defense and justification comments he has made in social networks after the attack in Pontevedra the Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, whom a mindless punched in the face.

The written comments praising Facebook and justifying aggression is regrettable, reprehensible, indecent and unbecoming of a person, even militant and supporter of the United Left, will defend and work for the residents of an important hamlet of Totana.

. Ms. MAYOR elect Morti and supporter of IU writes on his Facebook as follows, with the spelling mistakes included-:

"The fact that this guy is not right, it does not stick, not insults.

But now I wonder, no one has thought of that time, ole your hue ....? "

"Damn, they're all good.

My not like violence, but in this case not upset me to see the host that you harm.

I have reached a point that I think a stick of those hurts more if they give it to a dog here that .... "

"For me as a bad person, I would not" think "but to me if dao aftertaste."

For the PP, is an audacity that a person who has been chosen by their neighbors in the polls and supposedly represents, justifies violence whoever the person and comment that promote hate, violence and confrontation between neighbors and people.

Totana The PP requires the mayor, who now represents all the residents, who do not intend to turn a deaf ear to a situation of this gravity is not so but by the values ​​of immorality, obscenity, rudeness and shame produced against the basic rights of individuals.

All this is a consequence of "anything goes" that some political parties have left in recent years, the "escrache" insults and threats of political and unfounded "of you is not a decent person" Pedro Sanchez the other night.

It is deplorable that a woman who wants to be MAYOR and won elections represent anyone and have an institutional position in our City and copper up, albeit slightly, by attendance at meetings headman.

The PP thinks the mayor should prevent a person who takes office even if his political party has acted in this way.

The PP believes should devise other mechanisms to avoid this lady is the chief representative of many neighbors, for example, you should take over the other candidate to be present or must be returned to repeat the process without this lady concur again .

Otherwise it does not prevent its takeover mayor and the government team of IU and PSOE is complicit and be in harmony with "his" MAYOR because it will not be to all residents and neighbors Morti .

The PP has demanded in writing to the Mayor these proposals, and in the event that no such appropriate PP councilors, who are planning to attend the ceremony of inauguration, leave the plenary hall when this lady appropriate to his possession .

The PP strongly condemns the attack on the Prime Minister by the individual who calls himself antifascist radical and which has proven not to be a fascist act more than it has done assaulting a public official and feeling proud of punch.

We hope the campaign will be conducted with normal importance requiring DEBATE IDEAS AND PROPOSALS AND NOT INSULT AND ASSAULT to solve the problems of citizens and work to get Spain out of the quagmire that others got.

Iniesta: "The PP requires the PSOE and IU to prevent Maria Jose Romero Garcia takes office as headman of Totana", Foto 1

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