The Platform organizes a concentration against the High Voltage Line, tomorrow at 20:00 pm in the Plaza of the Constitution


Band Marzipan has composed a joke in protest against the line.

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Totana City Council supports seamless, manifestation |

The Platform Against High Voltage Line Totana and Aledo has called a rally to be held on Thursday 17 at 20:00 pm in the Plaza of the Constitution of Totana.

Marzipan Band has composed a joke, based on the music "Ballad of currency" from the film "Welcome Mr. Marshall" in protest against the power line.

They Are Totana and Aledo very Cabreaos

because their territories are going to electrificaos

from the mountains to the Drylands ... by Alvares,

snob or regardless of landscapes and homes.


We do not want high energy facilities

our land, our streets, our roads.

Who did not go through the Parral or Carivete nor Saladar.

No sir!

And if they insist and tell us that there is no tutia

pa will sign it may not reach the motorway

This very bright idea that we propose engineers

placing the line where it costs less money.

Put them out posts where the balls ..

without thinking of vines, or oranges or lemons.

Totana City Council supports the demonstration by the Civic Platform against the power line

Totana City Council supports seamless, the demonstration called by the citizen platform created against the construction of the power line, which will take place tomorrow, December 17 in the Plaza of the Constitution of this resort, from 20:00 hours, according to local sources they reported in a statement.

The Consistory invites all neighbors to the concentration taking place against the town hall and where you will read a manifesto protest against the implementation of this infrastructure.

The Plenary already adopted at its regular meeting last November, demanding the Ministry of Industry and Energy "the immediate cessation and modification of project" of the power line Lorca Solar PV, which has caused great discomfort and concern among citizens of the municipality and the neighboring town of Aledo.

Similarly, in this plenary, was approved by the motion presented by the PSOE, other initiatives Earn Totana IU and PP, so the Consistory start negotiations in order to study the location of the PV plant Zarcilla on land in the municipality, which would generate less impact and consequent savings in the works.

Similarly, it was agreed by consensus of all political groups claim the Governing Council of the Region that the decision on the corridor and final route to be "in collaboration and by consensus" with the towns of Totana, Aledo and Lorca "ensuring the least possible involvement with the burial of the line or finding an alternative evacuation" of the electricity generated to the nearest substation.

Totanera Corporation also endorsed in his day its full institutional support to the claims of the platform neighbors directly affected by this project, which was established a few weeks ago.

The degree of mobilization that has led to nearly 2,000 have already submitted claims by neighbors of the affected municipalities, and is expected to gather more in the coming days as the time for appeal is still open.

From Totana Town Council, it states that the responsibilities for the project authorization, which have not been assessed socioeconomic damage, affects many families living in the intensive cultivation of their fields and generates a great environmental impact on natural areas and landscape of Totana and Aledo.

Both in Totana and Aledo all the support possible against this project of installing a line of 400,000 volts and 38 kilometers tracing the environmental impact and the effects that can lead on the health of people and ecosystems in the park they are looking regional Sierra de Espuña.

The Platform organizes a concentration against the High Voltage Line, tomorrow at 20:00 pm in the Plaza of the Constitution, Foto 2

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