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The prosecution asks the final file open case against the mayor and several city officials for an alleged case of corruption and misappropriation in the planning agreement of The Raiguero


The mayor says he hopes that political parties do not re-link its name more to the term "urban corruption"

The prosecution has asked for the final file to the head of the Court of Instruction No. 2 of Totana who instructs the case against the mayor of Totana, Isabel Maria Sanchez, and the former secretary and the municipal auditor for an alleged case of corruption and misappropriation on the planning agreement C-82, known as El Raiguero.

The representative of the company "Inmonuar" and "Nuaria Investments" and promoter of this agreement, Manuel Núñez Arias, turned in his day under criminal law as leverage to the courts to claim the Consistory the return of almost 2 5 million euros over to the municipal coffers in 2006 and 2007 under that agreement, which envisaged a development coinciding with the signing of the contract and initial approval of land-use planning.

This planning agreement was annulled after being declared illegal by the High Court of Justice (TSJ) of Murcia, but the Galician promoter Núñez Arias lodged a complaint against the current councilor, two former mayors and the two officials in order to try to recover 2.5 million euros developed.

Although at first the judge filed, not seen signs of crime and consider that this was a matter that should be resolved by the administrative route, the developer filed an appeal and was admissible.

The prosecutor has now requested the file of the cause and affects "the right you may have to refund the amount paid by the complainant may be justified, but it is considered that this is not the right way to your claim, but another different either civil or administrative ".

The prosecutor recalled in his report that the Judicial Council of the Region of Murcia upheld the City Council in its opinion which resolved that the municipality should not reintegrate society "Inmonuar" 2.5 million plus interest corresponding to said planning agreement.

The regional judicial body considered in accordance with law the declaration of nullity of the agreement, which is mandatory but not binding, so the judicial process must end with the court decision after the prosecutor's report.

In this regard, the mayor expressed his satisfaction with the report of the prosecutor and reiterated that "I have always been very quiet rely on the Justice and my conviction to always act within the law in force".

He recalled that this procedural situation occurred "to defend seamless global public interests of the City and my neighbors" and said action from the outset "with responsibility and institutional loyalty, despite the family and personal cost entailed this procedural situation ".

Sánchez Ruiz added that "I hope that no political party I never relink with the term urban corruption" and demanded them to "withdraw all accusations and infamies that have poured over the past year and a half."

In addition, he explained that the opposition parties have "tried to take political advantage of this process of criminalization of public life."

The councilor she added that "it was clear that he would not allow any individual or political party insinuated something other than reality for political advantage" and commented that "always carefully followed the administrative procedures dictated us the opinion of Legal and Advisory Board of the Region and the Criminal Division of the Supreme Court, and it has been demonstrated ".

The prosecution asks the final file open case against the mayor and several city officials for an alleged case of corruption and misappropriation in the planning agreement of The Raiguero, Foto 1

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