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FAPEN and CEBAG deny that future land law has been agreed with most business organizations linked to CROEM


show their support for the candidate for President of the PP for the adoption of the Law moves to the next legislature, the debate and political and economic consensus that it lacks today

The Federation of homeowners associations in natural areas in Murcia (FAPEN), and CEBAG (Employers Confederation of Lower Guadalentín), members of CROEM and represented on its Board of Directors;

have expressed through their common President, José Luis Hernández, puzzled by reports in the media in recent hours news in which it is stated that there is a consensus between the Regional Government and CROEM and business organizations on the FUTRA Land Law that supposedly justify urgent without ESC opinions and Legal Council approval.

What surprised them because "not only that we have no evidence whatsoever that there is this consensus and formal agreement but it is virtually impossible that have been assessed, much less negotiated and agreed in writing, serious disagreements on many essential aspects of Act as established during the meeting by the Director and his team Barnabas and a dozen representatives of business organizations including the President of FAPEN and CEBAG- last day 3 under, the chairmanship of the head of CROEM, at the headquarters of this Confederation;. in which harsh criticism and serious discrepancies were made on the Procedure and content of the law would evidence and is also virtually impossible -añaden from FAPEN and CEBAG- that the arguments and proposals for amendments to the law we have proposed some business organizations and CEBAG FAPEN among them-through CROEM, have been assessed, negotiated and agreed in 48 hours. "

According to the President of FAPEN and CEBAG, José Luis Hernández, "We fully support the proposal of the candidate for President of the PP Pedro Antonio Sánchez, that the Land Act can not be approved in this term, as it is impossible for a essential and strategic to regulate the basis of land use and strategic planning and economic activity of this region law; it can be debated, negotiated and achieve a high degree of political, economic and social consensus, in less than a month " .

According to the President of FAPEN and CEBAG, "It is very difficult to understand citizens CES (Social Economic Council) and the Legal Council is -and weeks sometimes months debating a natural space of 15 or 20 has. Or the law of the pets, then a law that will regulate land use and soil of more than one million one hundred thousand hectares of this region, is excluded from discussion and socioeconomic and legal opinion of the Economic and Social Council and Regional Legal Counsel. "And he also says José Luis Hernández nobody has yet explained the reasons of extreme urgency in the adoption and entry into force of a law, which would increasingly support the speculation that the urgency, more than justified by an alleged public and general interest, it may be more motivated by the apparent solution tailored to specific projects and interests, with the possibility that there could be a possible change in regional government. "

They claim from FAPEN and CEBAG "this might consensus and written request, of whom the Barnabas Counselor, is the same character that spoke the day of submission of the bill, that already had agreed with the sector construction. When the Director of Planning seems unaware that over 90% of the territory of the Region of Murcia, the construction sector has no effect even indirect. And that over 55% of the territory of this Region is dedicated to agricultural and food business. And that 25% of the territory of this region is dedicated to protected natural areas of the Natura 2000 network, which over 60% is privately owned. And they seem to know the Counsel also added from FAPEN and CEBAG- that neither construction companies or its related professionals, represent neither the industry nor the trade, nor hospitality, nor the agriculture, or to the food or owners farms in natural areas, representing from FAPEN.

And neither can talk about consensus CROEM, when the director knows that there are several business organizations integrated CROEM openly dissenting Procedure and content of the Land Law. "

"Because according to José Luis Hernández if that law has been agreed only with the construction sector and have not addressed the serious problems that regulate soil and pose economic activities that affect various sectors and tens of thousands of companies, this law would be the law of brick construction, but never a law of soil and strategic management or regulation of the entire territory of the Region of Murcia and its activities and economic and social uses. "

From FAPEN and CEBAG added that "if it is to force the passage of this law by decree or, as some say slam brick and decree without a necessary political economic or social consensus; if within two months we give a new political majority, would be entitled to repeal or amend it. What they do not contribute to improving confidence and certainty and consensus that requires economic and business activity at that end from FAPEN and CEBAG- we call the candidate for President of the Autonomous Community, Pedro Antonio Sánchez, to prevent a coup law by decree, whose lack of consensus or disagreement occurs, it is clear. And it seems that the urgency, only responds to the particular interest of a few projects and companies, while leaving out management and in utter helplessness, tens of thousands of companies and entrepreneurs in this region, they would not have the fortune to be granted the privilege of exceptional arrangements for a performance of course regional interest (AIR) that only a few projects and companies very privileged sectors would reserve ".


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