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CEBAG shows his opposition to "expres approval" of the new Land Law


"because only been consulted with builders and favors only the interests of a few"

To CEBAG the new land law aggravates forecasts PGMO Totana on the situation of thousands of homes and dozens of companies whose facilities and activities that fall outside the inappropriate management and protected land

The Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Lower Guadalentín (CEBAG) has analyzed the content of the bill the ground that the PP intends to adopt in the Regional Assembly before the end of the month and considers that is, at least, suspicious and irregular that a law aims to organize the territory and soil in the region and establishes the principles and foundations of strategic model of economic development in the region for decades, it has been processed without transparency and with the participation of only some groups linked to the sector construction, and it seeks to discuss with public and private stakeholders, within just two or three weeks.

And excluding the consultation process such important institutions as the Economic and Social Committee (ESC) of the Region or the Legal Council of the Region;

institutions that ensure public participation in both the legality and legal certainty of the provisions and regional laws, as measured from CEBAG.

Cebag, which is integrated into CROEM, is surprised that the Confederation of all employers in the region, has not been consulted nor knew the terms of the proposition Land Act, to a meeting with Barnabas Adviser on Wednesday, at the headquarters of CROEM, in which the President of CEBAG;

just two weeks of its possible adoption by the Regional Assembly.

From CEBAG consider that the aim of this law, and especially the urgency in processing and approval, rather than issues of public and general interest, responds to the specific interests of some groups and projects, it is doubtful correspond to the public interest in the region and with the general interest of all citizens, and particularly with the interests of entrepreneurs in the Lower Guadalentin.

From CEBAG also very concerned that the bill does not only solve the plight of thousands of homes and facilities posed by PGMO, initially approved by the full City Council of Totana last November, but this situation is aggravated by -now set the new law in Articles 112 and 111 (outside management and uses and temporary works) - in these buildings outside the law, both of character housing or industrial or commercial facilities, "can not be performed on them works modernization "unless exceptionally authorize such uses or works of nature" provisional "provided that" the owner must agree to the suspension of use or demolition works and installations when the City reasoned it

requested, expressly renouncing to compensation "in addition to establishing that" ... what is recorded in the land registry in accordance with the provisions of mortgage legislation ".

What certainly would -opinan from CEBAG- a mortgage or expropriation done for thousands of Totaneros and hundreds of thousands of citizens of the region, which may be homeowners or commercial or industrial facilities illegally or outside ordination.

And this -añaden from CEBAG- could have catastrophic effects on the interests of thousands of citizens or companies whose solvency and value of their property, in order to maintain or apply for a bank loan, suffer a noticeable decline to owning a farm and activities in the register, with the note that can be demolished or suspended "explicitly renouncing to compensation" and also "was recorded -for if banks had not learned yet-in the Land Registry."

From CEBAG is also considered that there are other aspects in the new law that harm the interests of thousands of totaneros, because in the draft PGMO Totana approved by the plenary of November, was reclassified developable unsuitable protected 15-20% Soil Township, allegedly to justify the execution of 20-25,000 homes under the Conventions.

But now the new bill, states in Article 95 that can only be building a house on land unsuitable housing 10,000 m., "... Whenever irrigated area", which -aclaran from CEBAG- only may occur in a small strip in the area of ​​official irrigated transfer because, as everyone knows, in the vast area south of the River Guadalentín and north of the transfer, although it is actually watering, no alone is not formally considered irrigation, but there are dozens of disciplinary proceedings that directly or indirectly affect several hundred farmers, being cultivating lands are watered for several decades.

Everything -añaden from CEBAG, would mean that owners of rural properties of almost all the municipality, could not build their single-family homes and 5,000 m.

or 10,000 m.

and could only do exceptionally protected lands, from 20,000 m.

what could be intended to require hundreds of Totaneros to have to give up the habit of doing your small building on rustic land.

And this would require them to have to buy a house in one of the developments under the agreements, which have probably been the cause of his land is reclassified to protected manifest from CEBAG.

Exits from CEBAG stating they have not found in other municipalities in the region similar to that of Totana situation that management intend to leave out thousands of homes and urban lots, located in more than 90% of the streets of Totana.

While yes there is a widespread concern among various business organizations from all sectors and parts of the Region, about the disastrous consequences that could result sorting leave out tens of thousands of businesses and facilities, which would be seriously

conditioned maintaining their activity, difficult not to receive public subsidies and reduce their solvency and equity, to force him to any modernization or expansion of its business or facility outside ordination could only be produced through a unique license provisional, which would force him to enroll in the Land Registry waiver of compensation, if being required from the City, "the suspension of the use (activity) or demolition of works and installations."

Exits from CEBAG stating that, regardless of many fatal flaws text PGMO proposed draft new law confirms, without a doubt, that what is to be approved by the municipal group of PP as if it were a correction of PGMO Totana, is but a revision or structural modification of the plan, which should undergo a similar process and procedure to a new General Plan, which should restart and approved by the new municipal corporation to be elected next May.

And that, otherwise -añaden from CEBAG- is impugned by the Confederation, through litigation before the probable invalidity of the plan could be approved.

CEBAG shows his opposition to "expres approval" of the new Land Law, Foto 1

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