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"Amoros rather than investigate and clarify, a possible bid to legalize lawlessness"


Carry plenary this support can have extra administrative and criminal provisions consequences, according to the complaint Bethlehem Muņiz

"Grotesque is this action and the modus operandi of the PP in Totana, egemplo of regional and national living poisoned in shamelessness and corruption in its different and varied expressions and not know live or politics if not, would lack oxygen and pelf "

The councilor in the city of Totana, Bethlehem Muņiz, analyzed as "very serious indeed how to act in front of the government team reported the issue for months about an alleged inconsistency in municipal officials."

"Cynicism and omission of the law, so we could describe the performance of the municipal government of the PP, because those are its hallmarks" and refers Muņiz about an advertised motion by Councilman Human Resources David Amoros compatibility of activities of an official.

For the council, "This is nothing but give a veneer of legality to a situation clearly illegal and hush over the previous period, in which the official, without compatibility approved by the plenary, would have been operating" .

"We can not say that ignorance of the law justifies this because the knowledge of the specific rules on compatibility, Councilman leading Human Resources, presumed first because it is not lego Law, second from his post should know, since for it the council has advisors, third because from my position as Opposition I have stated in writing in different questions Plenum (of course unanswered) and finally because even private entrepreneurs have denounced you the facts. "

"This councilor came denouncing and asking about the impunity with which this officer would developed a private activity, advertising, ignoring that for the development of it, would have the vital platform of your municipal office as town planning department staff and more specifically Inspection of Works, which given its influence, presumably you can avail of municipal work to thwart the will of prospective clients that when you are offered the services, know who is the owner of the company and a refusal could stop him dire consequences, which borders on unfair competition and other "he adds.

For the mayor, "clearly avail of municipal work and from a specific department, as base, conduct business, so it may create for corruption because we doubt the objectivity in the development of the functions of such municipal employee when they have a clear conflict of interest with their business. "

In this situation, denounced by this council, responsible councilor and provost of the local PP, David Amoros, "do not you have thought of another bright idea to bring the issue to the full in a motion to reconcile these activities, rather than once reported irregular facts, investigate them and open a case for clarification and the requirement of the relevant responsibilities to the official, carrying out the appropriate sanction, if any. "

Muniz insists that, as happens in many other thorny issues as the confrontation with the local police, "showing his popular or pepero nepotism, city councilman carried a motion to regularize an anomalous situation, provide legal cover and hush while the illegal exercise of an activity for which it was not authorized by the plenary body competent to understand these issues. "

For the council, "once again roll most or what characterizes the PP of Totana, do what your actual gains imposed from the beginning of the term, way back opens to the interest of all."

For Muņiz, "although limited time they have left to their royalties, it is obvious that the PP will leave behind a trail of illegalities and scorched earth, with mockery to the people and their representatives, making common sense philosophy of politics ".

"Do not forget that high councilor, and charged for alleged serious crimes, as if nothing happened and everyday coupling the legality of their interests, is betraying his word, given to neighbors in a ghost program, such as removal of the rate of garbage, given to entrepreneurship and another great part of town, see the General Plan, the promised collective, see the word given to our police, and so goes on and on, because in this case now compatibilities what doubt that there may be spurious interests since a new news portal can be a great way to partisan political propaganda, and as a favor to pay for, not that propaganda is going to be costly to the electoral interests of PP ".

"Amoros rather than investigate and clarify, a possible bid to legalize lawlessness", Foto 1
"Amoros rather than investigate and clarify, a possible bid to legalize lawlessness", Foto 2

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