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The Assembly unanimously reelected COATO José Luis Hernandez as President


The cooperative company with more partners and agricultural area of ​​Murcia has completed 35 years

More than a thousand members of COATO participated in the Friday night 12 in the annual general meeting of the cooperative company, which in its 35 year history has become agrarian company with more number of farmer-partners and crop area Agricultural Region of Murcia, with over 3,100 active members -in 40 of the 45 municipalities in the region and 32 other Andalusia, Valencia and Castilla La Mancha and more than 21,000 hectares.


The meeting addressed the approval of the accounts for 2013-2014, which involved a global turnover of COATO and cooperative companies in the Group, more than 48 million euros (8,000 million pts.).

Also the assembly met, mouth of the authors (ACR and PROMER) the audit report and the tax and accounting report referred to the accounts, certifying that equity (capital and reserves) of the company almost tripled Total value of the investment in net fixed assets of the Company;

allowing the cooperative enterprise cope comfortably with their own funds, investment requirements and working capital and financially support their partners, without resorting to external financing, a situation that continues in the last thirty years, when celebrated the 35th anniversary of the start of trading this year.

The meeting also discussed the choice again last night Governing Board, Controllers and Resources Committee, having been elected unanimously by more than 3,000 votes present or represented at the renewed management team led by José Luis Hernández as President.

In memory of the year 2013-2014, whose copy was presented to partners, reported incidences of various product campaigns, while he stressed that the prestige and recognition of the dome Society European leader in surface organic crop and its pioneering nature and repeatedly awarded at national level, systems and models of quality, environment and excellence;

they have earned receiving last March, through its President- the responsibility of coordinating the Spanish Working Group to define the "Principles of Sustainable Agriculture" of the UN, which promised to establish United Nations from agreements the Rio +20 Summit 2012.

Also addressed the assembly COATO the serious situation created by the dramatic effects of drought in the almond which affects several hundred members of the cooperative, the refusal of the Ministry of Agriculture to grant the minimum support required by all professional agricultural organizations and cooperatives in the sector.

Which could lead to the abandonment of thousands of plots and farms affected.

Also called COATO President harshly reduced to a quarter of the budget for aid to organic farming for the period 2014-2020 compared to the previous 2007-2013;

than directly blamed the Minister of Agriculture, which has stated repeatedly that there should be support for organic farmers, and that should be the market and consumers who pay this contribution several thousand farmers bring to Murcia improving the environment and the health of all citizens.

Also denounced President COATO breach of repeated promises by the directors of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, offering aid and compensation to owners of properties located in the interior of the natural areas of the Natura 2000 network, which currently account for 25% of the territory of the Region, and in which COATO partners have over 3,000 hectares.


"If further support shall be endowed by the end of the year, the President Garre be prompted for the dismissal or resignation of political leaders".

COATO Assembly unanimously adopted the agreement to support any act of protest performing agricultural organizations and cooperatives in the sector, so that by the Ministry of Agriculture the appropriate action before the end of the year to correct these deficits aid.

Without ruling that if the requests required for 100% of industry organizations were not met, participation rests on any demonstration or protest action and requested the President of the Autonomous Community resigns immediate political office responsible the serious social and environmental impacts that may arise.

The Assembly unanimously reelected COATO José Luis Hernandez as President, Foto 1
The Assembly unanimously reelected COATO José Luis Hernandez as President, Foto 2
The Assembly unanimously reelected COATO José Luis Hernandez as President, Foto 3

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