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Arrested dedicated a dangerous criminal to commit robbery, burglary and drug trafficking in Totana


The research is framed in operations 'RED' and 'chalk line'

So far eight have been clarified burglary offenses, two of robbery with violence and other drug

The suspect was hiding in abandoned homes Totana to avoid being located

During detention were stolen objects seized two kilos of marijuana and useful for weighing and distribution

The Civil Guard Murcia and Totana Local Police have developed a research aimed at clarifying several robberies in homes and in public, culminating with the arrest of a young man suspected of these criminal types, plus a crime against public health for drug trafficking.

Among the services provided by the Meritorious framed in the 'Plan against burglary', the Civil Guard, in cooperation with the local police in Totana, initiated an investigation upon learning of committing several burglaries and assaults public.

Early indications obtained the research directed towards a girl like suspected of several robberies in the town, some of them committed with violence on its victims.

In addition, it was found that the same person could be found involved in another open investigation in the town, in this case concerning the distribution of narcotics.

The agents ascertained that the suspect, with numerous precedents for similar events, had recently been released from prison, and though his parents are neighbors of Totana, did not reside in the family home to have in place a restraining order with respect to their parents for conduct violent.

Hiding in abandoned homes

Research has determined that the suspect worth, as part of its criminal strategy of abandoned houses, where spent the night for a few days to avoid being located and, in fact, the Civil Guard followed his steps across households covered by the theft and also from those used by the now temporarily detained to hide.

In one of these houses a portfolio with personal documentation arrested and stolen property, marijuana buds and several bags of this substance prepared for sale were found.

Police Collaboration

The Civil Guard was learned that this guy was hidden during the day and was using the nocturnal to commit robbery and move with greater impunity for the town.

Thus were established coordinated policing arrangements Guardia Civil and Local Police Totana for monitoring the places frequented by the suspect.

In one of these watches, the agents were able to locate, but the suspect fled the race, jumping onto the roof of a nearby school, in an attempt to take refuge in the family home where, however, was located.

From this property, began again the flight through the roofs of adjoining buildings to finally be found and hidden it in a garage stopped.

The result of the research has resulted in the arrest of eight alleged crimes of burglary in dwelling, two counts of robbery and one count of drug trafficking.

It has also been arrested another young man who allegedly collaborated with the committee first two burglary.

During the arrests, agents seized allegedly misappropriated purposes two kilograms of marijuana and useful for the handling of the drug.

The research is framed in the "RED" and "chalk line" operations established by the Civil Guard in the town of Totana to prevent and prosecute crimes against property and drug trafficking respectively.

Those arrested, effects seized and the proceedings have been brought before the Court of Instruction No. 2 of Totana (Murcia).

Arrested dedicated a dangerous criminal to commit robbery, burglary and drug trafficking in Totana, Foto 1
Arrested dedicated a dangerous criminal to commit robbery, burglary and drug trafficking in Totana, Foto 2
Arrested dedicated a dangerous criminal to commit robbery, burglary and drug trafficking in Totana, Foto 3

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