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Civil Guard and local police in Totana display a control device Alcohol and drugs, during the festivities of Totana


It has controlled one thousand nine drivers tested positive and one of them has been arrested

The Civil Guard Murcia and Totana Local Police, during the celebration of the patron saint of the town, together, have developed a comprehensive control device totanero surrounding roads to town, culminating with the verification consumption of alcohol and drugs to a thousand drivers, of which nine were positive and one was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving offense.

The device has been developed with the aim to raise awareness among drivers of the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, within the services set out in the 'Plan of police response to trafficking and drug use in areas leisure and entertainment 'and the Road Safety Strategy for the DGT decade 2010-2020, coinciding with the celebration of the festivities of Totana.

Of the 992 drivers who were monitored by agents yielded nine positive (0.90%).

One has been arrested and brought to justice for crimes against road safety and the remaining eight have been reported to the Provincial Traffic Murcia.

Similarly, the Civil Guard has strengthened verification activities alcohol around town, on the 5th and 10th of December, celebrating their patron saint.

Thus, thanks to the joint work of both police forces, has secured the road safety of the residents of this town during their holidays, to the extent that there has been no accident, as unfortunately happened in the 2011 in which he died the user of a vehicle whose driver tested positive breath test.

Also during the weekend, coinciding with the Special Operation Traffic DGT Constitution-Immaculate 2013 that has developed in the Region of Murcia, on the 5th and 9th of December on our roads, the Meritorious has made a total of 3,196 breath tests, of which 47 yielded positive results, having been arrested and brought to justice 11 cores and the remaining 36 reported to the provincial traffic.

Driving a motor vehicle or moped with a blood alcohol level greater than 0.60 mg / l breath, entails the arrest of the driver, of course crime against road safety, punished with imprisonment of 3-6 months or fine of 6 to 12 months and in any case permit deprivation for a period of 1-4 years.

Moreover driving motor vehicle or moped with over 0.25 mg / l (0.15 mg / l, novice drivers) and to 0.60 mg / l rates, is a financial penalty of 500 euros and loss of up to 6 points of driving.

In all cases, the affected vehicles are immobilized by the Civil Guard until their drivers are able to continue their journey, once they have lowered the BAC level within the permitted or limits take charge of vehicles other drivers are enabled and after breath test attesting that can remove them.

The Civil Guard reiterates its message to those drivers, reckless and foolhardy, despite campaigns and warnings DGT, drive after drinking or using drugs, recalling that during this time the alcohol tests and drugs was intensified at any time of day or night, within the established nationally by the DGT, in order to raise public awareness of the inconsistency of these substances with driving campaign.

Also during the Special Operations Traffic Bridge of the Constitution, the Civil Guard have arrested a driver for driving at 205 km / hour in a limited to 90 in Murcia, and the other for driving the wrong way on the highway section and under the influence of alcohol, so it appeals to the responsibility of drivers, in order to avoid personal losses and unfortunate consequences involving traffic accidents that cause such behaviors.

Civil Guard and local police in Totana display a control device Alcohol and drugs, during the festivities of Totana, Foto 1
Civil Guard and local police in Totana display a control device Alcohol and drugs, during the festivities of Totana, Foto 2
Civil Guard and local police in Totana display a control device Alcohol and drugs, during the festivities of Totana, Foto 3

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