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Warn that more than 45% of samples taken in animals from the game reserve and park Espuña test positive for Aujeszky's disease (pseudorabies)


APESE already warned, for nearly two months, the grave danger which involved wildlife, exotic and invasive native uncontrolled or

de la reunión de la Reserva de Caza de Sierra Espuña, presidida por el Director General de Medio Ambiente; que se habían detectado resultados positivos de enfermedad de aujeszky, en 11 de 24 muestras tomadas (46%) a lo largo de 2012; en animales localizados en la Reserva de Caza y en el Parque de Sierra Espuña, y en concreto en jabalí.

the meeting of the Sierra Game Reserve Espuna, chaired by the Director General of the Environment, which were detected positive for Aujeszky's disease in 11 of 24 samples (46%) to Throughout 2012, in animals located in the Game Reserve and the Espuña Park, and specifically in boar.

The emergence of this possible source of infection is very important because from the regional livestock sector and from the government itself, has made great efforts to eradicate this disease, which in the pig sector was expected to be declared free of Aujeszky to end of 2013.

Aujeszky's disease is almost eradicated from the region of Murcia and its possible health effects would spread uncontrollably, and even economic, catastrophic for both stabled livestock as stables,-and especially for the pig-farming and of municipalities and book Park Espuña and the entire region.

Since the boar-and-move Barbary sheep sometimes up to several tens of kilometers a day and contamination can occur through the air, within a radius of several kilometers around an infected animal.

APESE already denounced, for nearly two months, disagreed with that they remain in the region and invasive alien species and uncontrolled, and the Barbary sheep and wild boar.

And especially native or non-native species in our area (the proceeds of the Moroccan Atlas Barbary sheep), about the serious consequences that the presence of this fauna has had both for agriculture and for the maintenance of biodiversity, especially in areas such as pernicious Espuña Park (Mula, Totana, Alhama, Aledo and Specification) and in the neighboring towns of Lorca and the Northwest Region.

Also APESE, COAG and other agricultural groups and owners, reiterated last July to Presidential Advisor and Environment, its request was declared Barbary sheep and invasive alien species and were progressively removed from Espuña Park and all the Region.

But the Region of Murcia has been the only one, for reasons unknown, has "pardoned" the Barbary sheep, and has not declared exotic and invasive species, as if that was qualified by a royal decree published in the Official Gazette earlier August in the rest of the Autonomous Communities was present (Andalucía, Castilla La Mancha, Valencia and the Canary Islands).

APESE Vice President and veterinarian, Arturo Lafuente, said in the course of the advisory board of the reservation that "These cases can be very serious aujeszky to the interests of the livestock sector in the region.

If these percentages had given positive at any private exploitation, and exploitation would be immobilized and quarantine ".

But as they have occurred in a "holding" public, as is the Game Reserve, there seems to have been taken or are planned to take immediate, drastic measures, as manifested from APESE.

APESE requested in that letter to the Minister of the Environment, and the Board's own game reserve, to authorize the owners to abate any copy of Barbary sheep freely or boar that is located inside of their private estates, to decrease the risk of infection by lowering the existing census, while mitigating the substantial damages that are occurring in agricultural crops in the area.

Warn that more than 45% of samples taken in animals from the game reserve and park Espuña test positive for Aujeszky's disease (pseudorabies), Foto 1

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