The Civil Guard detained the alleged perpetrator of a wave of burglaries Totana field


stolen effects have been recovered with a value exceeding $ 10,000 that were in a local buying and selling second hand items

So far six offenses have been clarified

The Guardia Civil of the Region of Murcia, in the context of the operation called "PLUG-TOTANA", has developed an investigation for committing numerous robberies in cottages and farms Totana, which has resulted in the arrest of his alleged perpetrator.

So far six have been clarified agents crimes and recovered a stolen effects of purchase and sale of second-hand items, with a value of over 10,000 euros.

Earlier this year, within the framework of "Plan against burglary," Civil Guard launched an investigation in order to prevent and prosecute the commission of theft in cottages located in the town of Totana, facts that had caused considerable alarm among the population.

Technical inspections and other investigations practiced eye to define allowed agents acting illegally and valuable clues to its authorship.

The buildings were designed homes located in the suburbs of Totana, mainly owners of second homes.

Therefore, we studied the frequency of these houses were inhabited to commit theft with the security of not being surprised by their owners.

Their goal: machinery, tools and appliances agricultural

To access the cottages are employed force to fracture fences and doors or windows.

The objects sought by the authors were machinery and tools, agricultural tools and small appliances such as chainsaws, jackhammers, televisions, etc..

As owners were controlled, some of the houses robabas received a second visit to steal objects that initially had not been able to transport.

The investigation to detect how the stolen items were sold at a public sale of items used in the locality.

In addition, we identified the main responsible for the theft, which, after a search, was located and arrested.

The Civil Guard have seized a large quantity of stolen effects in cottages, worth over $ 10,000.

The investigation, which remains open, helped to clarify, so far, six counts of burglary dwelling.


As part of the operation has proceeded to the arrest of a person presumed continuing offense of robbery, identified as:

- Spanish, 38 years and resident of Totana.

The suspect has a history of committing criminal acts before.

Seized / recovered:

It has managed to recover agricultural machinery tasks, tools and appliances, including chainsaws, jackhammers or televisions, with a value exceeding $ 10,000, which after being brought to justice, have been returned to their rightful owners.

The suspect, seized property proceedings initiated and have been made available to the Court of Instruction No. 2 of Totana (Murcia).

The Civil Guard detained the alleged perpetrator of a wave of burglaries Totana field, Foto 2
The Civil Guard detained the alleged perpetrator of a wave of burglaries Totana field, Foto 3

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