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PSOE: "The worst budgets for 2013"


"A debt of over one hundred million euros that the Mayor is unable to cope and totaneros pay in taxes, fees and fines"

The Municipal Socialist Party councilor in Totana, Bethlehem Muņiz, appeared to offer a press conference after the last plenary.

The mayor has insisted on what they consider irresponsible People's Party to bring to this House of 2013 budgets.

"Despite the adoption in plenary last year that would these participatory budgets have breached this decision and have passed behind the Opposition and the complete lack of consensus."

The most ominous PP makes the municipality has for next year unrealistic budgets, makeup, and anything impossible benefit to citizens' "and the technical side is painful, sloppy and does not leave very good place to document directly responsible or the financial controller or accidental Councilwoman Hacienda ".

For the Socialist councilor is a shame that effective proposals on the reality of the people, we had proposed that the Socialists, not having the support of the mayor.

"As promised in the election manifesto sports facilities for San Jose neighborhoods and was high, it was not too much to ask, after finding that such projects will not realize, that acometiese action integral sanitation Diego Manzano Garden High Era, however, are not the work of promoting sustainable spaces that favor life in neighborhoods.

"The following proposal, refused to disperse and contestation between Fantastic Councillor for Finance and Employment, on the implementation of the business incubator, we see that once again shows the unwillingness of the government team to bet on viable projects , create jobs, and revitalizing the business community, "Muņiz tinged.

This House, like many others, shows that the PP is a closed circle of inefficiency, unable to govern, to build future or to reach consensus.

"On the contrary, shows attitudes of contempt and pride themselves of bad managers and disrespectful to the opposition."

For Muniz, the difficult context of the municipal coffers, and that debt that can clearly state that exceeds one hundred million euros, adding the continuous presentations unofficial IOU, or put another way, the bills from the drawer that as an excuse to justify putting providers, and masking the squandering of public money over the past legislatures PP ".

"First spent and now the shame out as a scandalous figure of over four million euros."

Councilwoman needed.

"Meanwhile, the parties responsible for this financial mess, some councilors and the mayor herself, already present in the political decisions of those days are still apologizing for management as dire as all other citizens have to repair, and that translates in over seventeen thousand euros a day that every citizen should pay to fill this bottomless pit. "


The PP, said the social responsibility, not even able to cover up his disastrous management with credible and realistic proposals, and we find popular motions that simply urge the regional or national government to conduct what should be required and competence the City Council. "

"It is clear that discipline and obedience to Rajoy are above the public interest." Totaneros can see how the crisis concerns of families, workers cuts, health cuts, cuts in pensions , justice for few tasazo the application of justice, and many other decisions antisocial CP are without question signed by the mayor and his minions in the government team. "

"However, these same offer as a solution to the crisis squeeze totaneros pocket. Only then can we explain that in the budgets for 2013, be increased, leading to duplicate even the urban contribution expected revenues, vehicle tax for traffic fines and penalties, the installation fee of positions in the markets for urban sanctions for rates in building permits, and so it goes of nonsense aimed at making citizens pay mismanagement popular party politicians ", affirming the socialist mayor ended.

PSOE: "The worst budgets for 2013", Foto 2

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