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The municipality of Totana presents the Redundancy Employment (ERE) affecting 40 workers of various municipal councils


make possible an annual saving of more than one million euros and will lead to an "immediate" administrative reorganization

The City Council today introduced Totana Redundancy Employment (ERE) affecting a total of 40 municipal workers various councils which was approved at the June plenary session, which will enable savings of one million euros per year Chapter I of Staff for the coming years, as well as lead an "immediate" administrative reorganization.

The mayor, Maria Isabel Sanchez and Councilman Human Resources, David Amoros, met today with representatives of the City of Totana union to transfer the details of the procedure, and would then personally communicated to affected employees in the course of a meeting held in the town hall of.

From now on, opening a 30-day statutory period of consultation and negotiation between the municipality and the unions to conclude collective dismissal workforce-the first administration of the Region of Murcia, which would rise from current 130 workers in headcount to 90.

This measure joins the crew taken on since the beginning of this legislature intended to comply with the rules of zero deficit and budgetary stability and financial sustainability (Law 2/2012, of April 27), which forced the amortization Also this past July 14 places of interim officials were not subject to grant, whose salaries will save 470,000 euros a year.

Affected workers are mostly assigned to the Department of City Services, but also apply to some employees in the areas of Sports, Intervention and Finance, Environment and Public Health, Human Resources and Citizen Service, Trade, Markets and Market Square, Popular Culture and Social Care, respectively.

Saving 2.5 million a year in staff

Amounted to 2.5 million euros per year total savings accruing to the municipal coffers all measures in personnel and stated that Chapter I is more than 50% of the municipal budget, which from 2008 to 2012 has increased from 43-21000000 euros.

The aldermen argued, in a press conference that "the causes behind the redundancies are, on the one hand, economic, and organizational, technical and production, and are determined by a situation of persistent budget shortfall for funding public services "because, they said," has hit bottom. "

They explained that "the economic situation facing the Consistory, compounded by the widespread economic crisis has meant a drastic drop in income of 43 million euros to 17 in four years and a slowdown in State taxes by 50% to consequence of the denial of the adjustment plan, has been a very sharp decline in the volume of work, meeting the staffing labor oversized in relation to current needs "so called for" an adaptation and reorganization of services and departments. "

They recalled that in recent months have implemented a set of corrective measures and savings pre workforce redundancies, and cited some of them such as the freezing of public jobs, outsourcing the management of primary schools (700,000 euros), removing lower personnel substitutions and vacations, holidays and night and the elimination of the complement of training (six-year); released reducing councilors and staff appointed, among others on staff.

They also referred to the closure of offices and municipal services in August, and three afternoons a week, the elimination of all subsidies to associations, reducing consumption and expenditure of all supplies and the elimination of expenses protocol, review all existing service contracts, the elimination of all existing leases and reducing urban mobile and fixed telephony.

Objective criteria and legal

Both explained that the development of collective redundancies have been followed "objective and legal basis", respecting technical parameters that would harm workers as little as upcoming retirement age, antique, early retirement, among others.

They regretted that the unions did not accept, as stated, the proposal made last year from 15% proportional reduction in salary and full time workforce to avoid laying off any of them and his refusal to propose "alternative criteria" said.

Sanchez Ruiz said that "if it had accepted this proposal from the Department of Human Resources, had never come to this drastic but inevitable".

The mayor explained that these decisions are "very harsh, unpleasant and unpopular" but have taken "seeking the interest of the citizens to ensure priority public services and economic viability of the City to achieve a zero deficit".

Finally, he thanked the 40 workers affected by ERE their dedication and professionalism to citizenship and Totana in their working years.

The municipality of Totana presents the Redundancy Employment (ERE) affecting 40 workers of various municipal councils, Foto 1

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