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The Socialist councilor Jose Gomez denounces the violation of law by the city of Totana and leaves the heart in protest


"The popular Totana yesterday again rejected the socialist street replacement Franco, rejecting compliance current legislation "

Socialists Totana City Council presented an initiative for the fourth time calling for the replacement of the term of eleven streets of the town that pay homage to Franco's executioners and torturers.

In this way it is raised to comply with the Law of Historical Memory, according to which the public authorities take measures for removal of shields, badges, plaques and other commemorative objects or references to the Civil War and repression of the dictatorship.

Socialists believe that knowingly breach of the law is an unmitigated transgression, and that compliance with the Act can not be subject to consultation between the neighbors, because by the same token it could be put to a referendum among the residents if want to pay the VAT, the tax or any tax.

Also consider that when the right of Totana resists taking the law and comply in all respects, is still not clearly distance of their parentage fascist and undemocratic.

In response, the councilman Jose Gomez Hernandez has signed the motion, has left the plenary session in protest against the arrogance, double standards and lack of democratic spirit of the Popular Party, and has been written by one who renounces his right to Full compensation for assistance by donating their diet so that the council invest in the replacement of one of the torturers plates Francoist PP refuses to withdraw.

Finally, the Socialists have expressed their total support and commitment to Councilman gesture because, while they continue pulling the strings of the same mayoral aides previous mayor, the tension and insulting arguments remain the attendees of the current mayor, and in no way can mend the fracture policy that only the PP is responsible and has brought much evil to the people of Totana.


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