Rosique: "The Government of Valcárcel maintained in the General Plan of Totana the 65 agreements signed by Morales and Andreo investigated by the courts of Justice"


Rosique Teresa said that the president has not learned anything, is making the same mistakes and focusing on the same erratic pattern of development that has led to the bankruptcy Region

The regional deputy, Teresa Rosique, reported today at a press conference that the Government maintains Valcárcel the General Plan of Totana, the 65 agreements signed by Juan Morales and José Martínez Andreo being investigated by the Courts of Justice.

Rosique explained that the regional government yesterday gave a step in the processing of General Plan of Totana.

The Ministry submitted to the Land Policy Committee, an advisory body of the autonomous administration this General Plan.

The PSOE wants to emphasize that the presentation to this Committee is the step prior to final approval of the plan by the regional government.

Two years ago asked the Ministry PSOE returning the General Plan to the City of Totana, since the document described the 65 plans which come from the hand of the former mayor, Juan Morales and the current, José Martínez Andreo.

"We are talking of 65 planning agreements that are suspect and under investigation by the courts of justice and making the news by judicial complaints made about the perpetrators thereof."

The first surprise is that socialist MEP General Plan, presented yesterday by Public Works, provides for such agreements.

"It is incomprehensible that the regional government still remains and has not yet submitted to the City of Totana that completely eliminates the proposed General Plan."

Rosique added that besides legal matters, technical reports point to a multiplying the buildable under the General Plan, as it provides a floor area of ​​0.08 and in those agreements, the floor area is 0.28.

"We'd better go now the regional government saying it will soften those 65 conventions, because all citizens know why they signed and what legal consequences they are having."

He added that the General Plan includes "nonsense like that Totana 30,000 people would have to have 680,000 inhabitants, ie, to become the fifth city in Spain, with a number that would double the population of the municipality of Murcia."

Same development model

Rosique Teresa said that if approved the plan, would mean that "Valcárcel still committed to the same model of unsustainable development, which has led the region into bankruptcy. Also show that the president has learned nothing and continues to commit the same mistakes and excesses. "

The PSOE in Totana and regional level to the regional government asked to approve only the portion that affects the urban center of town, because that's what you need to get things moving.

He recalled that as a result of failure to approve the General Plan of Totana are stalled building permits and housing developments that legitimately need the town and are asking employers in the area.

"Hence our surprise at what the regional government had yesterday."

Demanded an explanation why the Minister of Public Works and asked him to circumscribe the approval of the General Urban Plan of Totana, exclusively, the scope of the village, "because that is what decency returns to the Plan. If the president Valcárcel and his government maintain the 65 planning agreements under suspicion in the courts, showing that it can be to remove from the list but would bless Martínez Andreo politics that have developed these and Juan Morales in Totana, which from the rejects PSOE " .

Rosique: "The Government of Valcárcel maintained in the General Plan of Totana the 65 agreements signed by Morales and Andreo investigated by the courts of Justice", Foto 1

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