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PP: "PSOE and Ganar Totana-IU vote against supporting and defending the permanent prison reviewable"


The PSOE and IU-GANAR TOTANA were opposed to the support and defense of the Permanent Reviewable Prison during the plenary session last January.

The Popular Municipal Group that raised this motion defended at all times that it is an instrument that exists in many countries around us, in governments of all types of political courts;

it is a coherent institution, which is well incorporated into our guarantee model and has a perfect criminal record.

The Popular Groups of many of the City Councils of the Region have presented this motion, being approved in municipalities such as Alguazas, Fortuna, Torre Pacheco and Aledo, where the Socialist Group has abstained or voted in favor.

The reviewable permanent prison, clearly stated in the Statement of Motives of this Law, does not renounce the reintegration of the convicted person, because once a minimum part of the sentence has been served, "a Tribunal must assess again the circumstances of the convicted and the crime committed and You can review your personal situation. "

The arguments used by the spokesmen of both groups, were based on the prisoner should have hope, which seems to us of respect, but at the same time we wonder what hope is left to the family that has not been able, after nine years , to bury the body of his daughter, what hopes are left to a family when they have taken the life of a child, and so a long etc, therefore we declare that a prisoner must have hope, but that the victims must have justice.

During the defense of the motion, the groups of the Government Team equated the permanent remand prison with the life imprisonment, forgetting that in the law that regulates this sentence the forecast of the periodic judicial review of the prisoner's personal situation is estimated, ideal to be able to verify in each case the necessary favorable prognosis of social reintegration.

The Statement of Motives says, "removes all doubt of inhumanity of this penalty, by guaranteeing a horizon of freedom for the condemned."

Once the minimum time of the sentence has been served, "if the Court considers that the necessary requirements do not exist for the prisoner to be able to regain his liberty, a period will be set for carrying out a new review of his situation; On the contrary, the Court considers that it meets the necessary requirements to be released, a conditional freedom period will be established in which conditions and control measures will be imposed, aimed at guaranteeing the safety of society, as well as assisting the prisoner in this phase end of his social reintegration. "

In addition, and according to the law itself, "the penalty of permanent remand prison does not constitute, therefore, a sort of" final penalty "in which the State disregards the offender, on the contrary, it is an institution that makes the existence of a criminal response adjusted to the seriousness of the guilt, with the aim of reeducation to which the execution of prison sentences must be directed ".

By means of the position defended in the past full of the month of January on the part of the Groups PSOE and IU-Ganar Totana, what is tried is that the Law of the Punishment of Permanent Revisionable Prison is repealed.

From the Popular Party we consider that the groups of the Government Team are against this law because it has been raised by the Popular Party and they stop looking towards the thousands of their voters who agree with this measure, because they do not see it as a political action but from the human point of view.

PP: "PSOE and Ganar Totana-IU vote against supporting and defending the permanent prison reviewable", Foto 1

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