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The PP calls on the PSRM-PSOE leadership to censure the macho attitude of the mayor of Totana


Víctor Martínez: "The lack of condemnation is inadmissible, the socialists preach equality but do not practice it"

The regional spokesman of the PP, Victor Martinez, has called on the regional leadership of the PSOE and its leader, Diego Conesa, to censure the macho attitude of the mayor of Totana.

"Surprise the silence of the Socialists before the attack of the mayor of Totana, Andrés García, the spokesperson of the PP, Isabel Mª Sánchez for being a woman" he said.

"The lack of condemnation and disapproval by the regional leadership of the PSOE is inadmissible," said the popular leader who believes that the censorship of the Totana councilor should come "both for his unfortunate and sexist statements and for the justification he has given "

The socialist silence before this behavior, the popular spokesman considers that it is another example that "the PSOE preaches equality but does not practice it".

Víctor Martínez has stated that "Diego Conesa's new PSOE allows women to be insulted and offended," "Socialists say they defend equality and women but they keep quiet when they insult the councilors of the Popular Party."

The popular regional spokesman regrets that "responsibilities are not demanded" by these behaviors which shows that the PSOE "is not credible and returns to fail women."

"The socialist mayor of Totana saw the shame and what is his true spirit" said Victor Martinez who believes that "a public representative can not afford such discriminatory and derogatory demonstrations against women" and adds that "Murcia socialists should show his rejection of these behaviors that are a bad example for society. "

The popular leader has denounced the reiterated behavior of the totanero councilor "it is not the first time that he treats in a derogatory way the popular spokesperson and despises his manifestations for his feminine condition".

"It is striking that in the same plenary session that gender violence is rejected and the attitudes that encourage it, the maximum institutional representative of the totaneros despises the intervention of the popular spokesperson for being a woman" said Víctor Martínez who believes that the socialist ruler "He does not believe in equality and everything he does and says is pure facade".

"From the Popular Party believe that it is not enough to throw an apology to cover a macho attitude that appears repeatedly," said the popular spokesman who insists that "the PSOE regional leadership should fail this mayor because his behavior has generated a great indignation and shame throughout the municipality of Totana. "

The PP calls on the PSRM-PSOE leadership to censure the macho attitude of the mayor of Totana, Foto 1

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