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The Junta de Pedáneos reviews the needs and demands of the seven districts of Totana


As well as the actions undertaken since the last meeting

The Board of Pedanae of Totana has been held recently and during the course of the same have reviewed the needs and updated demands of the seven districts of the municipality, as well as the actions undertaken since the last meeting on June 5.

The meeting was attended by the mayor, Andrés García, the first deputy mayor and councilor of Pedanías, Juan José Cánovas, and the councilors Víctor Balsas and Agustín Gonzalo Martínez, as well as four neighborhood representatives of the districts totaneras.

The municipal authorities reported on the efforts made and the actions undertaken in the area of ​​rural roads and public services in general in the different districts depending on the possibilities that this local entity has.

On the deputation of the Sierra realized the existence of broken and dangerous shoulders in Camino de La Santa, where there are two dangerous sections of about two meters;

so that it is possible to reinforce the edge of the asphalt with cement.

In addition, it treats the water outlet of the pipe of the Source of the Friars, and the water pipe of the Carrasca, that was arranged but continues leaving the water to the height of the house of the pedáneo mayor.

In relation to the deposit, it is evident that from the Ministry of Environment, at the moment, it is not going to put the water connection because it has spent a lot to fix the deposit, so it is requested to study the possibility of connect the service;

while suggesting the cleaning and cutting of plants in the Camino de los Molejones.

In the hamlet of El Paretón-Cantareros, the requests made in the previous session are reviewed, and the status of the requests is reported.

So, it is the arrangement of the Cantareros Social Hall, of which there is a valued and updated report and the possibility of being able to present the project to the call for subsidies "Campoder".

It is also reported that there have been stripping and some patching, and the problem with cockroaches has been aborted, since there have been no further complaints about them.

The pedestrian mayor of Viñas-Carivete shows that a modification of the layout of the High Voltage Line has been made, with new ones being affected by the modifications;

and requests that the dissatisfaction with the new modifications to the project be recorded in the minutes.

In addition, he proposes that the approval of the company should be annulled by the Environment and not grant the public utility since everything has been done in an irregular manner.

It is also the cleaning of several roads in the hamlet and remembers the possible construction of toilets when there are possibilities.

In relation to La Costera, the petitions made at the previous session are also dealt with;

and addresses the problem of the street lamp of the Trail of the Siphons, the problem that exists with the trucks that go from the road that communicates the N 340 and the Colmenar and with the pressure in the service of water in the highest houses of the Way of the Colmenar.

On the part of the mayor-pedantry of La Huerta, the arrangement of the roof of the social center (waiting for budget), the naming of some rural roads (pending the completion of the General Urban Planning Plan) and the clearing of the road of the Coronela, which is reported to be carried out within the program of the County Councils.

In addition, it becomes clear that the Garden of Fairness is clean and asks if a wooden panel could be placed to cover containers with the option to be graffitised later.

For her part, the pedestrian mayor of Lébor proposes the arrangement of the lamps of the N-340 after the theft of the wiring, the visit of the workers to see a palm tree that touches the electricity cables (a house behind the hermitage), solution to the problem with the wild pigs that cross the N-340 to the height of the camping that already has caused accidents and the arrangement of the Road Casas Murcia until the crossing of the House El Clerio, that is very deteriorated.

With the mayor-pedestrian de Mortí is addressed the placement of heating appliances, on which councilman Víctor Balsas communicates that for this year is not planned as there is no budget, and will be seen during the year 2018;

while remembering the matter of the cure of pines.

Likewise, the huts of La Huerta and Mortí jointly raise the complaints of the neighbors who live along the La Torreta Road given the existence of an orchard that is rented;

and lastly, the cleaning of abandoned orchards, which say that it is not the responsibility of the Town Hall, but also the neighbors who, if they do not reach an agreement, have to denounce the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Junta de Pedáneos reviews the needs and demands of the seven districts of Totana, Foto 1
The Junta de Pedáneos reviews the needs and demands of the seven districts of Totana, Foto 2
The Junta de Pedáneos reviews the needs and demands of the seven districts of Totana, Foto 3
The Junta de Pedáneos reviews the needs and demands of the seven districts of Totana, Foto 4

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