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Independent councilman Juan Carlos Carrillo will request in plenary meeting of the ordinances regarding the limits of noise pollution


And the tightening of sanctions and control measures to event seekers where it is necessary to use large acoustic media

At the next ordinary plenary session on July 27 of this month of the City of Totana.

The Independent Councilman D. Juan Carlos Carrillo Ruiz will request, as a matter of urgency, to include in debate the motion he will present to demand from the City Council that the municipal ordinances regarding noise pollution in our municipality be met and be the first to respect them And to fulfill them in any cultural event that organizes or participates with the exception of the most traditional of the days of carnival, patron saint parties, Christmas and Holy Week.

It will also propose, in order to make more effective the control prior to the celebration of these events and for that, those interested in promoting them, must declare if they will use acoustic means of great power by means of a new model of request to that effect.

In order to find the venue for the celebration or to limit the hours of the musical event if necessary, and if it is not possible, proceed directly to deny this request by going against municipal ordinances on noise pollution and the sound limits that Consider should not be exceeded.

In relation to the individual who organizes parties in his habitual residence in densely populated areas of the municipality, who will also be obliged to fill the mentioned model of instance if he uses loudspeakers of great power or a high volume and in case of breaching the commitment acquired in Any of the cases by the applicants, not to use it and to have subsequent denunciations of the neighbors or of the municipal police, that the sanctions measures and of punishment of these penalties in these cases are hardened.

At the same time, the independent Councilor proposes that an annual information campaign be held annually and by those in charge of the area, in order to make all our neighbors and businesses aware of the responsible use of these great acoustic media.


As happens in the vast majority of Spanish municipalities, during the summer holidays such as the one we are going through, the neighborhood or private parties, musical events and an endless number of cultural events follow and multiply throughout our municipality.

There are also specific areas of Totana where cultural events, private, sports and various associations, happen all year round.

While it is true that our climate, customs and traditions demand it.

It is also true that, for example, drinking alcohol is a traditional phenomenon in our Mediterranean culture and is not, as a rule, allowed to drive a vehicle while being drunk.

Quite the opposite.

Regarding the theme of parties or events on the public highway, local government officials have to face continuous and permanent management of permits, regulation and control of these events, and on the other, to the continuous ones And permanent complaints and denunciations of affected neighbors.

Complaints in the immense majority of cases by questions related to the noise pollution derived from the loud volume of the loudspeakers.

If we add to this the high hours of the morning to which some of these events usually end and that they are allowed to be located in the middle of the urban areas or areas of high population density.

The discontent and discomfort of hundreds, if not thousands of neighbors of the municipality is more than justified.

Because if some have full right to have fun, others have full right also to be respected during their hours of rest.

Undoubtedly, one of the fundamental missions of any local government is to aspire to a municipality where the welfare of its neighbors is a priority and any kind of pollution, sound, light, noxious gases, etc ..., shine for its Absence and in this way, be able to defend also the rights of the most defenseless groups such as the elderly, sick, disabled or children.

The municipal ordinances on noise pollution contain the limits that are considered must not be exceeded in order not to disturb the welfare or rest of the residents of Totana.

Even so, it is usually the paradox that in some cases, it is the City of Totana itself that organizes, promotes or sponsors cultural activities or musical events in which these permitted limits are exceeded.

This councilman wants to transmit to the current government of the municipality the criticism of neighbors that require us to be the first to set an example in order to then also be able to demand from others compliance with these municipal ordinances or, failing that, be fined with Economic sanctions.

For all the above and in defense of the interests of all totaneros, the following proposals are raised to this plenary to be approved by the other municipal political groups.

In this way, we can be giving a more effective regulation to all this type of events that are celebrated in the public highway.

- FIRST PROPOSAL: That our City Council respect and comply, scrupulously, any ordinance regarding noise pollution in any cultural event that organizes or participates in any way.

With the exceptions that are already made by tradition in the days of carnival, feasts of the patron, Christmas and Holy Week.

Celebrations in which a vast majority of neighbors participate in one way or another and those who do not participate, perfectly understand also mostly that it is a breach of ordinances on time and not the norm to follow throughout the year.

- SECOND PROPOSAL: That all groups or commercial premises that request permission to organize parties or concerts at the time of day or night that is on the public road, are asked beforehand and expressly authorized the use of large acoustic means by means of a Model of instance configured for this purpose in the offices of citizen care and available on our website of the City.

Where all the legal limitations to the applicant's knowledge regarding the public address system are also detailed.

If by the type of event in question, it is impossible to respect the acoustic ordinances and also to find an appropriate venue for its celebration.

That this request be rejected directly by this City Council regarding the use of such acoustic means as incompatible with our ordinances in defense of the welfare of our neighbors and tighten the economic sanctions for those who are authorized, do not act accordingly.

- THIRD PROPOSAL: To make known and to remind every individual that wishes to organize a party in his habitual residence, through a campaign of diffusion in the local means, that will be obliged to fill also the mentioned model of instance if they used megaphone of great power, and Who was the owner or the tenant of said dwelling.

In the event of non-payment of an economic penalty in this regard.

You can request your preventive annotation of embargo on the property where the party was held.

So if the owners receive complaints about the behavior of their tenants by the neighbors, it is the owners themselves who must resolve the matter in the first instance.

- FOURTH PROPOSAL: Establish this information campaign for all the months of June and with a view to the summer season to make our neighbors and businesses aware of the responsible use of these acoustic media

Independent councilman Juan Carlos Carrillo will request in plenary meeting of the ordinances regarding the limits of noise pollution, Foto 1

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