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The Civil Guard uncovers an alleged simulation of crime and fraud that culminates in the arrest of the owner of a company in Totana. They denounced criminal acts that never happened


Performed all damages and other actions to simulate being a victim of theft

He intended to defraud the insurance company about 200,000 euros

The Civil Guard of the Region of Murcia, under the 'Plan against abductions in agricultural and livestock farms', has developed the operation 'Terpeno', a research aimed at clarifying a large theft in a Totana company that has culminated in The arrest of the complainant as alleged perpetrator of the crimes of simulation of crime and fraud, after verifying that he simulated and denounced the robbery to collect compensation close to 200,000 euros to an insurer.

Staff of the ROCA Team (against robberies in the field) of the Guardia Civil began the operation to investigate a robbery allegedly committed against a mercantile of Totana dedicated to the extraction of scents and natural scents from which effects had been removed and caused damage Worth about 200,000 euros.

After receiving the corresponding complaint by the injured party and obtaining information on the crime investigated, the civil guards carried out an on-site exhaustive technical-ocular inspection to collect all possible indications related to the commission of the crime and the identity of the perpetrators.

Faced with possible inconsistencies detected by the agents between the facts alleged by the alleged victim of the robbery and the indications collected at the scene, the civil guards performed a second technical-ocular inspection in the industrial ship related to the investigation, to rule out any Type of crime simulation.

These new investigations, carried out in a more exhaustive way, revealed to the agents numerous contradictions with the systematic logic usually used by the criminals, for the realization of any crime.

According to the complainant and alleged victim, the perpetrators of the robbery had broken into the interior of the ship and had stolen the essences, due to the more difficult access of the practicable, requiring the mobilization of a block that prevented entry by said access with the use Of an existing tractor on the same farm, when they could have done so by another easier access, of less solidity and without obstacles.

It was also detected that the way of mobilizing the obstacle was illogical if it had been accessed from the outside.

Already inside the ship appeared some alarm devices unused with adhesive tapes placed by the supposed authors, being completely unlikely that the volumetric detectors would not have generated the corresponding alarm signal at the time of their placement, or that others located in The logic trajectory described by the criminals, which had not been disabled with the adhesive tapes, would not have triggered the alarm, as evidenced in numerous field trials conducted by the researchers.

The accumulation of the innumerable 'errors' committed in the execution of the simulated crime served to conclude that it was materially impossible that the facts described had occurred as they had been denounced.

They could only be explained if they had been carried out from the interior of the estate, resuscribing the suspicion of its authorship in its whistleblower and owner, who had signed a theft insurance that covered the facts denounced.

The investigation revealed that the complainant, allegedly, simulated the robbery to claim from the insurer the amount agreed for the alleged crimes, valued at about 200,000 euros.

Once all necessary indications have been obtained, the Civil Guard has detained the complainant and owner of the company as the alleged perpetrator of the crimes of simulation of crime and fraud.

The 55-year-old Spaniard arrested in Totana, together with the investigations, has been placed at the disposal of the Court of Instruction number 2 in Totana (Murcia).

The Civil Guard uncovers an alleged simulation of crime and fraud that culminates in the arrest of the owner of a company in Totana. They denounced criminal acts that never happened, Foto 1

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