The first deputy mayor of Totana meets with spokesmen of the Assembly


to ask for support and introduce economic viability plan to save the consistory of economic strangulation

Andrés García Cánovas has also claimed that the water service is not privatized and asked to find solutions and external funding to maintain this service municipally owned

Rafael González Tovar spokesman showed his unconditional support for the work of the PSOE in the city and highlighted the initiative to deal with a very heavy burden as is the inherited debt

The spokesman of the Socialist Group, Rafael González Tovar, and the deputy, Alfonso Martínez baths, have supported this morning the Deputy Mayor of Totana, Andrés García Cánovas, and the Councillor of Finance, Ana Maria Canovas, who have met with the parliamentary speakers to solicit support and introduce a plan of economic viability for the municipality of Totana.

The socialist deputies have parliamentary speakers moved to the plight is the totanero consistory and have asked for help to bring them the Community funds to the consistory out of the difficult financial situation in which it is located.

Andrés García Cánovas explained that "Totana can not go out alone and needs help from the Community to fulfill the mandate of the Ministry".

It has also raised the various spokespersons to talk to their councilors in the City of Totana to pass on the contributions they have to make to this plan of economic viability, to be presented in plenary tonight as a matter of urgency.

The impression after the meeting was successful.

The other issue raised by the first deputy mayor is Socialist prevent the privatization of water services, Izquierda Unida wants to accomplish in the municipality.

"I understand that it is necessary to solve the problem of water in the network and increase the performance of it.

To do this it is necessary to seek external funding, but we believe that the solution is not to privatize the service, "he said.

The PSOE has filed a motion in the Regional Assembly which requested the Governing Council drafting, in conjunction with the City of Totana, a multi-year investment plan in the drinking water of Totana;

plan should provide a performance boost to a minimum of 80% and adequate budgetary allocations.

The parliamentary spokesman Rafael González Tovar showed his unconditional support for the Municipal Socialist Group and highlighted the great work being carried out in the city of Totana to refloat a very difficult economic situation and ensure governance that is still very difficult.

"I am very proud of the work is carried out by the PSOE, providing solutions to a problem that is not expected to face as an inherited debt that exceeds 150 million euros, a very heavy burden."

On the other hand, Rafael González Tovar was referred to the service of water and said it is surprising that "want to privatize a service like water, when what is to remunicipalise tends services," he said.

The first deputy mayor of Totana meets with spokesmen of the Assembly, Foto 1

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