Farmers and owners of Sierra Espuña request that the Supreme Court decision to run


prohibiting hunting Barbary sheep and orders extinction and disappearance of the game reserve espuña saw

They also confirmed that claim in court against the compensation owed ​​Environment recent years have paid for damage to their crops

The Board of the Owners Association Game Reserve Espuña integrated APESE, held last Friday a meeting with the most affected by the 54 cases of alleged damages caused by the Barbary sheep and wild boar in Reserve Espuña Park and game and its environment in recent years, the expert opinion signed by competent technicians and countersigned by the corresponding Professional Association, more than 765,000 euros.

Participants at the meeting adopted unanimously the agreement broadly empower APESE to perform all the necessary steps to obtain payment of the aforementioned compensation and to claim the debt that the Minister for the Environment has been pending since 2010 the additional shares corresponding to APESE, on behalf of the owners, as agreed by the Board of the Reserve at meetings held at the end of each hunting season, which have not been compensated them with the rates they had to pay for obtaining hunting licenses.

It was also agreed that if in the coming weeks could not obtain agreement or recognition payment of claims outstanding for damages, legal actions to demand personal leadership positions Environment Park and Reserve responsibilities would begin which they may have been directly or indirectly responsible for that have produced some damage, which would not have occurred if they had fulfilled the law and instead of 300 copies provided maximum had not been allowed to have between five and ten times more than those provided copies, which would be between 500 and 1,000% of the maximum under the Park Act.

Those attending the meeting victims have expressed outraged neglect and contempt of the various services of the Environment, competent either hunting or natural areas, which have not not only visited and evaluated the possible damage of the Barbary sheep and wild boar in crops of Espuña Park and Game Reserve and its surroundings in the last ten years, but have been "passing the ball" on who was competent to deal and pay records damage, which has provoked a recognized conflict of powers and responsibilities within the same Directorate General, on whom

It was competent to assume the financial responsibility of the Regional Administration for damage caused by the Barbary sheep and wild boar in the Game Reserve and Park Espuña and their environment, which they are entitled and responsible departments of the Regional Administration .

The owners and farmers attending the meeting, expressed their satisfaction with the Supreme Court ruling last March 16 has the declaration of the Barbary sheep as exotic and invasive species and the disappearance of Game Reserve Espuña and extinction and disappearance of Barbary sheep in Sierra Espuña and throughout the Region of Murcia.

Participants in the meeting have also agreed that both APESE, as the Regional Federation (FAPEN) or national (CEAPEN) both the Minister of Agriculture of Murcia as the Minister of Agriculture and Environment are directed and require immediate compliance with although the sentence has not yet been published in the Official Gazette and the strict prohibition of hunting Barbary sheep, both in the Reserve and adjacent hunting grounds;

besides the immediate initiation of procedures leading to the disappearance of the Game Reserve Espuña.

APESE representatives have shown convinced that the Ministry of Agriculture shall take appropriate measures to enforce the sentence immediately, but has not yet been published in the Official Gazette.

But do not rule denounce the Fiscal Environment of the Region any delay or delay in complying with the judgment, and any attempt to make an interpretation of it, which directly or indirectly allow the continuation of hunting arruí both Reserve as any private preserve linked to the environment of the Reserve and Park Espuña.

And do not rule out the possible personación of APESE and or Federation regional or national courts as appropriate, requesting the execution of that judgment.

The representative of COAG in the Governing Board of the Park and the Reserve Board, and one of those affected by the damage, expressed his support and that of COAG to all actions that occur from APESE and FAPEN to collect both of compensation for damage to crops arruí as the disappearance of Game Reserve Espuña and on the immediate execution of the judgment.

Farmers and owners of Sierra Espuña request that the Supreme Court decision to run, Foto 1
Farmers and owners of Sierra Espuña request that the Supreme Court decision to run, Foto 2

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