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Orientation Totana Club Championship in Spain 2016


Back with five champions of Spain, a third place, two rooms and three fifth places with honors

Finally came the big date on the calendar totaneros counselors, nothing less than the championship of Spain held this year in the city of Pontevedra river, nestled in the heart of the Rias Baixas.

After much training and effort, fourteen of our counselors headed to Galicia where, after a long drive (more than 2,000 km round trip), tried to give everything on behalf of our city and our region.

The championship began with the long distance race in Pazos de Borbén, on the map known as "Moscoso" a typical Galician accused hilly forest with creeping vegetation with thorns.

In this first test already they reach the first podiums for totaneros, with third place in category Marta Martínez Barceló F-12 and Bishop Rosa Sanchez in fifth place with honors in category F-18.

The next day two events were held in the morning was the turn of the relay, on the map of "Acibal" proves to be played by regions and in which each relay team has three counselors among the community.

Were even twelve counselors Totana-O selected within the teams representing the Region of Murcia.

The terrain of the race was more open than the previous day, but with semipantanoso soil that left unfilled mud guiding any area.

In this mode relay champions Spain proclaimed in category Veterans-B: Salvador Martinez Canovas and Fermín Barceló Otálora, who along with a fellow club-O Lorca were in first position.

Also the girls in class-B Veteranas get the first since the crown as champions of Spain: Maria Romero Martinez and Maria Cortijos Sequera, along with another partner club Lorca-O.

Antonio Jesus Lopez also Cortijos, part of the male junior team representing the region obtained a diploma of honor to take fifth place.

In the afternoon the Sprint race was held in the historic center of Pontevedra, where Marta Martínez Barceló benjamina Spain was proclaimed champion in category F-12 and María Cortijos Sequera ranked fifth in category F-45.

Finally the average distance in O Grove, a map of sandy pine forest but physically demanding career quickly developed.

Here, Maria Pusrificación Cortijos Sequera in category F-45 and Maria Teresa Martinez Barceló in F-35 occupy the fourth place.

Highlight of course other positions in races like Manuel Martinez Barceló ranking: 7th, 12th in category F-14 (long, medium and sprint respectively) and a 7th place in the relay;

Daniela Hernandez Vidal in F-14 10th, 14th, 13th (long, medium and sprint respectively) and 7th in the relay;

Angela Perez Lozoya 22nd, 13th, 27th (long, medium and sprint respectively), and 7th in relays in the same category, like Alba Romero Barcelo 30th, 19th, 24th (long, medium and sprint respectively);

Alba Martinez Ibañez in F-16 15th, 10th, 9th (long, medium and sprint respectively) and 6th in the relay next to Rosa Sanchez Bishop;

Antonio Jesus Lopez Cortijos 17th, 8th, 7th category M-18 (long, medium and sprint respectively);

Maria Teresa Barceló Otálora in F-35 8th in the long and 14th in the Sprint;

Salvador Martinez Canovas M-40 14th, 6th, 8th (long, medium and sprint respectively);

Fermín Barceló Otálora in M-45 18th in the long and 1 in the Sprint and Maria Romero Martinez 9th, 8th, 7th.

Mentioning finally and especially our veteran Ritva Kajava who made the best time of his category (F-65) both in the race long distance and average and the sprint but to have Finnish nationality not punctuate this championship.

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Orientation Totana Club Championship in Spain 2016, Foto 1

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