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The Neighborhood Platform "People's Square" presents a popular initiative to invite King Felipe VI to Totana


For the centenary of the city title to Totana, which will be commemorated in 2018

This neighborhood and cultural Platform has spent months working on a popular initiative to the acts scheduled for the centenary of the title of city Totana, which will be commemorated in 2018. Members neighbors in this proposal, show the possibility of inviting the King Philip VI to visit our town during the calendar year of the above event.

This group, you will not miss this opportunity to introduce our culture, history and active population, being this event an enabling environment for the visit of the monarch to our town, within the range of possibilities offered by the project our identity abroad moment .

This approach is supported by more than 80 neighbors, the main local associations, business and social fabric of our town.

the 40th anniversary of the Spanish Constitution from 1978 to 2018 also marks.

Active participatory constituted platform, began his career in mid-2015, which already presented another proposal to convene the "Alporchón Award" in its sixth edition.

Within the same proposal urging the council to reform the regulation of awards and honors our Consistory, to introduce a recognition of the promotion, dissemination and research of our culture and history, relying on its own reward of our identity.

Wishing that this centenary Santander granted by King Alfonso XIII in 1918 is an environment conducive to the enhancement of our tourism, cultural and gastronomic attractions Totana time.

The Municipal Corporation of the City of Totana

The social life of the municipalities and provinces are characterized by dynamism and commitment of its people, both in public institutions, as in any sphere of existence.

Every moment of our history is closely linked to events unfolding around some anniversary or commemoration.

Totana, has its identity and history an endless source of resources to dignify their culture, their heritage, their traditions.

Its route in the cultural landscape of our province has a close and permanent connection with its social dynamism.

From that compromising vision and commitment to our city, the neighborhood Platform "People's Square" presents a popular initiative walked to possible events to be organized around the centenary of the award of the title of "City" to our town.

In 1918 King Alfonso XIII, from the city of Santander, signed the Decree granting the title of city Totana, endorsed, among other things, for its economic growth and its constant adherence to the monarchy.

In this joyous mercy totanero and military Butigieg Don Angel Aznar had with a transcendental role in the concession.


ask the municipal corporation, is included in the acts set the centenary of the concession a neighborhood proposal, according to which record invitation is open to the city of Totana, to mark the centenary of the award of the title of city in 1.918- .2.018, King Philip VI.

Made transcendental and auspicious event to encourage the roots of our history, heritage and projection outside our town.

Totana counting today with numerous tourist destinations such as the archaeological site of La Bastida, the Sanctuary of Santa, Fountain Uzeta, Parroquia de Santiago, its rich landscape, while attractive welcomes that intangible value that comes from his Easter, their pilgrimages, traditions ... without forgetting its active population, the strength of their economic and business values ​​within a productive fabric which highlights, agricultural and farm exports.

The historical reality of Totana in its ties with the monarchy

The Murcian city of Totana, located in the valley of Guadalentín, preserves testimonies of settlement since prehistoric times, with such significant expressions such as those of argárico site of La Bastida, one of the most important European prehistory, while, fundamental reference of a type of society that prevailed in the southeast peninsula over 4,000 years ago, in the Bronze Age.

He excels in the discovery of a completely unknown fortification system in the area and connects with constructive ways of the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean, which has come to be called this reality the "Troy West."

The continuity of the Iberian, Roman and Muslim settlement introduces us to the Middle Ages when it will come, in the foothills of the Sierra de Espuña, as a bulwark of defense and security, the fortified space Aledo, refuge of the valley's population in times of insecurity .

This walled enclosure was occupied at the end of the eleventh century in the reconquistadores advances by the vassal of Alfonso VI, the noble Garcia Jimenez, noting the tradition to the area came Cid in support of the Castilian armies, as well as the same sovereign .

The conquest of the lands of Murcia by the Castilian monarchs involved the delivery of the conjunction Aledo-Totana to the Military Order of Santiago in 1257, by King Alfonso X the Wise.

It happened to depend this territory santiaguistas knights and then the mastership of the monarchs of the Hispanic crown.

Wise King intervention led to the emergence of a population entity of occupation and settlement in the valley lands.

It was set, then, a human reality that entity took the town of Totana, to boost the completion of the Reconquista after the occupation of the Moorish kingdom of Granada by the Catholic Monarchs.

In the process of abandonment of the fortified town and attraction of the valley lands, where Totana settles, the commoner movement emerged in 1521, becoming the fortified space Aledo new standard of safety that will shelter the supporters of king Carlos, defending the interests of the Crown, which the town was recognized as Leal to end the conflict.

This privilege was confirmed on March 7, 1573 by royal charter of King Philip II, ratifying, similarly, the privileges that the town had granted the santiaguistas masters.

With the arrival of Felipe V and the establishment of the Bourbon dynasty, after the end of the War of Succession, the positioning of the kingdom of Murcia and with it the town of Totana, in favor of the new monarch, was the recognition of rights and privileges with the grant, in July 1709, that it could be "entitle and call and intitulen Noble."

The arrival of the Infanta Isabella, daughter of Elizabeth II in July 1907 to the villa during his visit to the lands of the Levant, has a close relationship with the fidelity that illustrious neighbors of this land, graduate commander and captain of engineers Andres Cayuela Canovas, and also military and parliamentary deputy Pedro Martinez Calvo, held with the Royal House.

This relationship reached a special meaning when in the summer of 1918 Alfonso XIII granted the old town of Totana, the city title on a proposal from one of its most glorious sons, Gen. Angel Aznar Butigieg, a minister who was the War and director General of the Civil Guard.

Totana has lived along its unique history moments of proximity, delivery and option proposals monarchs, bringing not only their material and human resources, but also the massive celebrations of prayers and Te Deum for projects Spanish kings.

Thus, Totana has a deep feeling, a clear fidelity and a deep respect for the Spanish monarchy, guarantor of principal moments of its history and reference symbol of the democratic process thanks to its endorsement led to the adoption of the Constitution of 1978 and its momentum, the trajectory of a fruitful stage of progress, development, stability and harmony.

The Neighborhood Platform "People's Square" presents a popular initiative to invite King Felipe VI to Totana, Foto 1
The Neighborhood Platform "People's Square" presents a popular initiative to invite King Felipe VI to Totana, Foto 2
The Neighborhood Platform "People's Square" presents a popular initiative to invite King Felipe VI to Totana, Foto 3

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