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Years ago, in the unfortunately extinct El Cañico Cultural Association we talked about creating a formation of citizens who love the culture of Totana to promote the creation of a city museum, which would house archaeological discoveries, pieces local ethnography and everything that defines the city in the generality of its areas.

It was not possible because here people want these things to be done by the politicians who are there for that.

This is a big mistake, since the political parties do not have time to dedicate to meeting the cultural needs of the citizens, engaged as they are in fighting each other and blaming everyone for the failure to achieve certain things. Culture is something politicians like to talk about because it looks good, but it doesn't really interest most of them at all, and those who are interested are soon silenced by others, such as This is because a cultured people is more difficult to handle than an ignorant one, since politicians are only interested in the subjugating power of others. In fact, we did an exhibition of antiques loaned by many people, some of whom were willing to donate them for an ethnographic museum, but lacking premises and even a project, we had to refuse to take them. I think that the citizens of Totana who are interested in culture will agree to recognize the need for the creation of a city museum that would collect many works of art, as well as several important legacies that it is clear that they are willing to yield to the Museum. We should constitute an association of promoters and defenders of the City Museum that is exclusively citizens, not politicians, because they would abort the idea, since they cannot support anyone other than them developing this kind of ideas.

The association would in no case be antipolitical, but rather complementary to it, since having its own legal personality, it could present itself before political bodies such as the autonomous authorities and those dependent on the government.

central, in order to pressure from civil society to achieve a right that Totana believes it deserves. Totana is a rural city with an excellent cast of people from the cultural world, as there are good historians, archaeologists, poets, writers of various tendencies, an enormous love of music and various plastic artists. I believe that the time has come for civil society to get involved in its own causes and work to achieve what it needs and deserves, but whose fulfillment it has left in the hands of politics.

This cultural world must unite as a free force of politicians and fight to the end to achieve this desired and deserved museum.

It would be an association in which politicians were not our allies but adversaries, since the fight would be against everyone and in favor of society, away from the opportunistic contamination of parties and ruled by loving people.

of culture who renounce a few hours of comfort a month to dedicate them to as beautiful as necessary. It should be noted that, contrary to what it may seem, the start-up of the museum is viable and bearable by the City Council, provided that it is seen with the perspective of a businessman and not of a politician, since its channels of Funding exceeds municipal coffers and is possible despite continuing financial restrictions. For this it is necessary to know how many people we can count on and that is possible with registering.

It is necessary to constitute ourselves as a legal entity to fight for the museum, fighting with politicians when necessary and helping them with support when they have to ask higher authorities, uniting civil forces with politics.

It goes without saying that it would be interesting to have other citizen associations of all kinds that want the good of our city, but not with the political parties, that they go to their own thing that I do not know very well what it is.

However, the participation of those associations that are linked in one way or another to the parties or the University of Barcelona is not desirable,Well, in its fight with the City Council this new association does not want to enter because this will only lead to problems that we do not want to inherit or assume. A city museum would have funds donated by individuals who are willing to deliver them but the city council does not have the premises or budgets to take charge of them, their first contributions would be the pieces of archaeological performances carried out in Totana that are in the power of the consistory, individuals or the Church and, of course, could be the depository of the extraordinary legacy of La Bastida. This association of museum protectors would be in charge of fighting for those funds, it would fight against everything and everyone in order to achieve that we soon have the museum we deserve, which would undoubtedly be a cultural and cultural incentive.

It would stimulate tourism of this type in our city, which would undoubtedly benefit the economic benefit of all totaneros.

Naturally, the association would be non-denominational politically speaking, having a place in it all kinds of sensitivities and ascriptions, united by a common idea, the cultural improvement of the city we love. I can give as an example the citizen association that emerged in Mula a few years ago in defense of the castle, which was criticized and cheered by all the politicians, but none did anything to help it, despite which, it has achieved more More than fifty percent of their proposals and they are on track to get the rest. This is a call to all people interested in Totanera culture, a flag of enganchement so that we turn in the fight to achieve something that Totaneros need and deserve in order to conserve our heritage with dignity. People interested in participating in the creation of this association can do so by calling 687278171.

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