"What Mayor Juan Josť" Tezanos "should have asked"


| "Is there anyone there?" | That is the question that all totaneros and totaneras who do not use Facebook should ask themselves when they pass through the door of the Totana City Hall, because little else is known about the mayor beyond his pitanzas and his digital dissertations on issues that matter little or nothing in these days of a sick pandemic, confinement, the forced closure of bars, restaurants and shops ... Anyone there? Is there a government team? Does something work in there to make everything work out here? Why are the pandemic control measures working everywhere except in Totana? These are the questions we all ask ourselves when we observe, stunned and crestfallen, how Totana is one more day the town with the highest contagion rate in the Region of Murcia. That is why from the Popular Party of Totana we want to echo the widespread indignation on account of the famous "survey" launched to the media by the mayor's party, IU-GanarTotana, as we believe, like the vast majority of totaneros and totaneras , that the questions should be asked by the people to the Mayor, and not the other way around. And we ask ourselves: What pressing need does Mayor-GanarTotana have to promote a poll of that ilk at this time? Right now? With the people confined, with all the bars and restaurants closed, the contagions fired and the shops suffocated, it is not the time to play cheap electoralism, to feed egos or to self-deception (because they are fooling no one but them).

The current moment cries out for a real effort to work for Totana, implementing nonpartisan policies that improve life in this town, and nothing more. Mister Mayor, Totana does not need useless surveys, but effective measures to control the pandemic that allow, once and for all, to lower the contagion rate to tolerable levels, as has already happened in other municipalities in the Region. Totana does not need biased, partial and sectarian surveys, which only seek to wash the deteriorated image of the local government and its management that is clearly ineffective, but rather concrete, efficient and feasible proposals that have the consensus of all political groups and promote improvements in quality.

of life we ??who live here. Totana needs less Facebook and more management.

Open and open.

We are a people who are worthwhile and we are not willing for an insufficient government team and overcome by circumstances to continue to let us fall. Totana needs measures, already proposed by the Popular Party: firm control of people in quarantine, distribution of masks in public places to people with few resources and intensify police inspections of possible meetings or parties in country houses, flats or commercial basements that are Get out of the law, stop whitewashing the behavior of some social groups of this town ...

are some of them. Only then hoteliers, merchants, freelancers and local companies will be able to start a comeback that seems long and complicated, more difficult, if possible, the longer it takes to start it. See you in plenary session with proposals.

Stop polling and get to work.

What Mayor Juan Josť Tezanos should have asked, Foto 1

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