The representative of Vox at the Table of the Museum of the City of Totana responds to the letter recently published about the museum


When the Head of Heritage Service Mr.

Gregorio Romero stated in his television intervention that after 10 years the archaeological remains extracted from the site had already been in La Bastida long enough, he also had time to detract from the opinions that in At a technical table we could have the most lay people in this matter, although in the end and in the end we are the ones who contribute to pay their salary with the taxes that correspond to us, for which it does not seem necessary to have a special qualification.But he forgot to say that the objective of the agreement signed in 2009 between the Autonomous Community, the City Council, various ministries of the government of Spain and the UAB was so that the important investments, which from that moment would be carried out in La Bastida, were destined to the creation of an Archaeological Park that, among other things, in addition to the museumization of the site, contemplated the construction in said park of a Museum of La Bastida to publicize the richness of its funds, giving this park unique peculiarities in the world already that in the same place visitors could:See one of the most important Bronze Age sites in the world, walking through a museum environment.Witness the excavation process in situ since, if it is true that what was discovered is around 15% of the site, there is much work to be done.Observe in its facilities how the works of cataloging, analysis and study of the objects, belongings and extracted human remains are done.Contemplate its most valuable collections, exposed and protected in the Museum of La Bastida.To this initial idea, without detracting from its objectives, we could add that this Museum of La Bastida contemplated the location of a relevant part of its collections in the urban area of ??the city, preparing one or more rooms for this, forcing visitors to go through the town center to complete the museum visit.

It could also be encouraged to visit the first known office of the Tax Agency in the Iberian Peninsula, located in the Strip of the Canvas, where you can also appreciate the movement that the fault that produced the Lorca earthquake has had for 4200 years in addition to contemplating a Privileged view of the Guadalentín valley.In short, a unique, attractive and very complete visit not only at an archaeological level.But it is inescapable that the Totaneros themselves are aware of what we have and act accordingly, with the institutions and their mayor at the helm, going through the technicians in the field and reaching the last inhabitant of our city.For this reason, when with articles like the one that gives me the reason to make this comment, it is intended to redirect the few human and economic resources available to proposals that, while still being interesting, can only be understood from the pretense of diverting attention from what already is a unique diamond in the world, directing it towards what would not be more than a beautiful pearl set in a necklace in the shape of a museum in the City.I say the latter as a Totanero who has his feet on the ground and does not confuse the love of his roots with the reality of the facts.Taking the archaeological funds from Totana entails the breaking of an agreement that none of the parties involved has raised and implies that at least part of the huge money invested in the site and its surroundings will not ultimately be used for the purpose for which it was justified.

said expenditure before the citizens.Talking now that Totana needs a new museum, in this case archaeological-ethnographic can be contradictory since someone might think that at the same time that there is no money to safeguard the archaeological funds of La Bastida, if there would be money for a new museum, a lot more expensive to maintain.In addition, the scarce resources available and the attention of the largest project that has been proposed in Totana at a cultural level would be diverted, since the construction by our ancestors of the Church of Santiago, the Sanctuary of Santa Eulalia or the Convent of San Buenaventura, which on the other hand, this supervening condition is also very striking, as tourist elements have some whose ideology pushed them to loot and destroy during those years in which they have erased from their particular "historical memory" destruction, persecution, rape and murder of those who lived there and who for many years preserved these places, among other things so that those who deny them, take their chest saying that those who visit La Bastida have to pass through the city,Among other things, to visit these holy places and incidentally generate income to the city, with the consequent and very commendable economic benefit for businessmen who, in addition to risking their money and investments to be able to live, act as voluntary and indirect tax collectors for the City council in particular and for the state as a whole.

Although we will always have the consolation of thinking that these taxes are spent in the most intelligent way.Although we will always have the consolation of thinking that these taxes are spent in the most intelligent way.Although we will always have the consolation of thinking that these taxes are spent in the most intelligent way.Finally, I would like to say that the "explanatory note" that appears at the bottom of your writing is meaningless since if the signatories consider themselves to be unrelated to this controversy, it might be thought that they levitate over it, perhaps trying to imply that other participants that we are legally participating in the debate we are less qualified.

since we do not levitate.Signed.

Jose Munuera LidónVox representative at the Table of the Museum of the City of Totana

The representative of Vox at the Table of the Museum of the City of Totana responds to the letter recently published about the museum, Foto 1

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