Teacher's Day Celebration


| Tribute to all the Teachers of the Municipality of Totana (2020) | For yet another year, all the schools in our Municipality are celebrating one of the most important and outstanding events in the annual School Calendar: the feast of San José de Calasanz, Patron of the Teachers . Celebrating the day of San José de Calasanz, means remembering and recognizing the distinguished figure of one of the greatest Spanish pedagogues and who was also the founder of the Public School in Europe. In its origins, the festivity of the Teacher's Day was celebrated by making it coincide with the anniversary of the death of San José de Calasanz, that is, it was celebrated in the month of August.

And since it fell in summer, it was decided to change its educational holiday to November 27, in such a way that the memory of this illustrious Spaniard could be preserved, who above all was a man from the School dedicated to the service of others. Celebrating Teacher's Day is a magnificent occasion to remember the work of San José de Calasanz, but also to pay a well-deserved tribute to all the Masters of Totana, who day by day dedicate themselves (or have dedicated themselves, since they have already reached retirement age) to make every effort to educate the thousands of children and adolescents who attend the schools in our town. As a teacher and pedagogue, I consider that remembering the figure of San José de Calasanz on Teacher's Day is to recognize and value the great contribution that this Spanish Saint made to the History of Education in our country and in Europe. Among his most significant contributions to pedagogy, we have to: He was the creator of the first Public School in the world.He firmly bet on the gratuitousness of the Teaching.It ensured respect for different religious beliefs in its classrooms.He is the father of modern pedagogy, since the great pedagogical innovations that he introduced in the seventeenth century marked (and continue to set the trend today) the lines of future European educational systems.Organized and systematized Graduated School Teaching by levels in Primary, and by cycles in Professional Training.He set the start of schooling, starting at the age of 6.Etc etc. Aspects that today are completely common for any teacher, but that must have represented a tremendous revolution in pedagogical innovation for the 17th century Calasanz contemporaries. The teaching vocation requires the ability to put into practice the fullest meaning of the verb "educate" , that is, the ability to get the best out of our students, guiding and guiding them towards their integral formation as people. And this noble and difficult task requires that all Masters have due academic excellence, human suitability, social commitment, continuous professional updating, etc. For all these reasons, I would like to convey my appreciation and congratulations to all the Masters of our Municipality, who, as did the great Master San José de Calasanz, dedicate their daily work to training.

integral of the children and adolescents of Totana, who are the future men and women of tomorrow.Diego Jesus Romera Gonzalez

Teachers Day Celebration, Foto 1
Teachers Day Celebration, Foto 2

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