International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 2020



2020 International Day for the Elimination of Violence against WomenGender violence is the cruelest expression of inequality between women and men that still persists in society.

Since there are official statistics, an average of 60 murders and tens of thousands of mistreated women are registered each year, although we must not forget the children, who are silent victims of this barbarism and who will be marked for life.

The impact of gender-based violence on boys and girls, both direct, through physical, psychological and / or sexual assaults, and indirect, when witnessing violence against women has important consequences on their cognitive and emotional development and social that we must not silence, nor ignore that the aggressor's objective is to harm women through mistreatment of their children.For this reason, the State Pact Against Gender Violence approved in December 2017 advances in placing children in their rightful place as victims of gender violence.Totana City Council, from our responsibility as a public administration and our institutional commitment, joins the 25-N, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, to join forces against this scourge and give a voice to the victims.Today we remember the 41 women and 3 minors who have been killed in 2020, and we remember the 41 minors orphaned by these heinous deaths.

In this act we make the victims visible, lives that constitute an irreparable loss, and we insist: they do not die, they are murdered.There are still many women who suffer gender violence and it is our commitment to work to offer them real alternatives to the circle of violence in which they are immersed, ensuring comprehensive assistance and support in their recovery process until they are able to regain the reins.

of his life from freedom, away from abuse, harassment, coercion, threats and physical, sexual or verbal attacks that gradually kill his identity as a human being.

We must not forget that this cycle of violence is aggravated in those women who may suffer double discrimination: because they are women with disabilities, Roma women, refugee or immigrant women, and ultimately women in situations of vulnerability and social exclusion.In these cases, it is even more urgent to strengthen protection and care measures for these victims and their children. To end impunity and guarantee the safety and reparation of the harm to the victims, we must promote the necessary changes to prevent violence against women and reject it unanimously.Social awareness has been and is essential to eradicate the problem.

No one can stay out of the fight against violence against women.

The incidence of sexist violence in Spain, especially with the increase in the number of sexual assaults perpetrated against women, should embarrass us as a society, and requires a strong global response: we must prevent attempts to justify, minimize, trivialize or hide the gender violence and report any type of mistreatment of women.This kind of violence can take many forms and we should not forget any of them because they are all sexist violence.

The trafficking of women and girls for the purpose of sexual exploitation, sexual assaults, female genital mutilation, forced or arranged marriages at a young age, physical assaults, psychological abuse, grooming, sexting, cyberbullying continues.

, the coercion, the threats, the humiliation and daily humiliation to which they are subjected ...

and we cannot look the other way, nor minimize their importance.From the Totana City Council we join the measures that are contemplated in the State Pact against Gender Violence and we continue working in the fight against sexist violence through prevention actions in education, specialized assistance, protection for victims and public awareness, developing actions to prevent the normalization of speeches or behaviors that show any kind of permissiveness to this kind of violence against women.We have a social commitment to this fight, which must be joint and act against any act that violates the dignity of women and minors and defend a just and egalitarian society that must firmly free itself from sexist violence.COUNCILOR OF EQUALITYJavier Banos TudelaSee video:

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 2020, Foto 1
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