Statement from Acción Totana "in the face of another abuse of authority by the Mayor"


Last Thursday, an Extraordinary Plenary session was held in the senior center of our municipality located in the Plaza de la Balsa Vieja in relation to the controversy generated by the transfer of archaeological materials from the Bastida Site to a warehouse in the Autonomous Community in the municipality of Alcantarilla.

On the occasion of such nonsense and to demonstrate its radical opposition, the Platform in Defense of the Bastida Project called a concentration by means of the corresponding permit based on articles 8 and 9 of Organic Law 9/1983, of July 15, regulating the right of meeting.

Article eight, paragraph two:"When there are extraordinary and serious causes that justify the urgency of calling and holding meetings in places of public transit or demonstrations, the communication, referred to in the previous paragraph, may be made with a minimum notice of twenty-four hours."If such a call in relation to the response of the Government Delegation is pending appeal or not, is another matter that must be resolved.

A demonstration by the WhatsApp network promoted by our Mayor (on behalf of the Totana City Council and in defense of his minority Government team for being "politically persecuted") was counterprogrammed to this legal call by the Platform, to support him publicly in that same place.

Thus bypassing all norms and legal procedures in this regard with the added gravity that this entails as it is a public political position.

Needless to say, about the health situation and the regulated rules, respect to prevent the spread of infections.On the other hand and coincidentally, last Saturday a religious act was held in the Church of Santiago with its corresponding procession and transfer through the streets of the municipality (without the proper legal authorization), of the Virgen del Qinche.

One of the most revered images of Ecuador that at the initiative of Simón Bolívar, every year, on August 15, brings together thousands of devotees when they appear for the first time in El Cisne Province of Loja (Ecuador), in 1594.

So the police authority has acted in accordance with the law and with total forcefulness, according to an attached document.According to the National Court itself, the illicit act of abusing authority refers to an act that is unfair due to an excessive use of the powers inherent to the official status that it holds, exceeding, exceeding or taking advantage of them to carry out a action that is not proper or appropriate to its content.

There will be a crime of abuse of authority only if it is proven that the active subject, that is, who carries out the punishable act, is an authority or public official.

For criminal purposes, the authority that alone or as a member of any corporation, court or collegiate body has command or exercises its own jurisdiction will be considered an authority.

For all this, from Acción Totana, we see fit and right to demand:1st.

That the Parish Priest of the Church of Santiago, as a religious authority, of public explanations of why he allowed those people to leave in procession, being prohibited without the corresponding permission given the current situation of pandemic.2nd.

That the Chief of Police, as the authority of a local law enforcement force, explains why, to date, the Mayor has not yet proceeded to sanction the Mayor as a proven direct promoter of a call for an illegal demonstration, and to identify and also sanction the assistants with the same diligence and administrative procedure as the residents of the municipality who took the Virgen del Cisne in procession.

Causing to date a flagrant shared grievance towards these people.3rd.

That the Mayor, as the first municipal political authority, resigns from his position due to this blatant abuse of authority and attack against public health, by failing to comply with current legislation as a public political position on demonstrations and health regarding the pandemic, which if we comply with the others, for simple political interests.When someone decides who has priority access to the use of rights (for being from here, for being tall, blond, with blue eyes or any other occurrence well tied to the viscera or ideology), the rights cease to be and become privileges granted by the graceful will of the power of the day.

Those who want to be subjects of power are also fully entitled.Juan C.

Carrillo, Totana Action.

Statement from Acción Totana in the face of another abuse of authority by the Mayor, Foto 1
Statement from Acción Totana in the face of another abuse of authority by the Mayor, Foto 2
Statement from Acción Totana in the face of another abuse of authority by the Mayor, Foto 3
Statement from Acción Totana in the face of another abuse of authority by the Mayor, Foto 4

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