The Socialist Group denounces the situation of the Totana Health Centers that have been in the red for months


| They propose 12 measures to improve health care | The situation in the two Health Centers in Totana does not improve, remaining at Red Level for months and the quality of health care for the residents of the municipality is diminished.The restrictions derived from the Red Level in both Health Centers generate great difficulties for citizens when it comes to accessing face-to-face or even telephone medical appointments, since the workload of health professionals is very high due to the COVID-situation.

19.However, there are many other pathologies that must be treated, diagnosed and treated.

For this reason, the Socialist Group of Totana requires the Regional Government to take measures as quickly as possible to alleviate the situation of inequality that is being generated in Totana in relation to health care in Primary Care.In the motion presented to the plenary session next Thursday, November 26, the Governing Council of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia is urged to support and improve Primary Health Care, through the implementation of the following 12 measures: 1.- Increase the number of telephone lines in health centers, in order to better attend calls and patient inquiries.2.- Intensify, in coordination with the municipalities, the work to conclude once the works of adaptation to the Covid-19 in the clinics of rural areas, which are still closed and be able to open them urgently, such as case of the El Paretón District Office.3.- Hiring of trackers, dedicated exclusively to tracking tasks, until completing, at least, the figure recommended by the WHO, of 1 for every 5,000 inhabitants, so that they can free Primary Health Care professionals from these tasks .4.- Creation in the SMS structure of the places, destined for the Primary Health Care, Family and Community Medicine and Nursing Centers necessary to achieve a ratio of 1,250 health cards per professional.5.- The creation in the SMS structure, destined for the Primary Health Care Centers, of the necessary Pediatric places, to achieve a ratio of 900 health cards per professional.6.- Creation in the SMS structure, destined for the Primary Health Care Centers, of a place, at least, of Social Work in each of the Centers.7.- Creation in the SMS structure, destined for the Primary Health Care Centers, of the necessary positions of Administrative Assistant, to guarantee telephone and face-to-face care at the centers.8.- Creation, in the SMS structure, destined to the Centers of the necessary positions of caretaker, technical nursing assistant, midwives, physiotherapists and dentists, to guarantee the best service.9.- Simplify to the maximum the bureaucracy of the health centers, freeing professionals and patients from unnecessary procedures, which can be done through more agile procedures (processing of sick leave, confirmation reports, summons with other specialties, etc.).10.- Provision of antigen tests to health areas, establishing the appropriate procedures for their application and that health professionals detect active infections by coronavirus on a large scale and carry out differential diagnosis with other infections, in a complementary way to the performing PCR.

Prioritizing the supply of tests in the areas with the highest incidence rate, such as the municipality of Totana.11.- Centralize COVID care in facilities independent of the Health Centers, so that they can regain their usual activity, since more and more centers are going to code red and cannot treat patients with other pathologies, such as the case of our municipality.12.- Prioritize the reinforcement of Primary Care in the distribution of the economic items assigned by the government of Spain within the COVID19 Fund and justify with the greatest transparency the destination of each euro of the fund.

The Socialist Group denounces the situation of the Totana Health Centers that have been in the red for months, Foto 1

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