PP: Totana only has one question: does the mayor believe in La Bastida?


| The PP of Totana has believed, believes and will continue to believe, even more than from the beginning, in the Argárico de la Bastida deposit and this has been demonstrated since its inception | The political news of Totana only has one question to which the Mayor has not yet answered, even after having held an extraordinary and monographic plenary session where all doubts should have been cleared: Do the Mayor and his Government Team believe in the Bastida ?From the Popular Party we believe NO.Not only because the mayor stated that the Bastida site did not deserve an extraordinary plenary session, but because he has maintained a continuous neglect in the project of the most important deposit in Europe in the last 5 years, and in the last month with the position of Juan José Cánovas, about it, has drastically worsened, coming to want to eliminate surveillance, including a schoolyard child's tantrum, wanting to justify it by removing an electoral proposal from a city museum in the CTA and leaving aside his luck to the Bastida.We must take into account and be very clear that the city museum is one thing, which must also be approached at the table that is constituted for it, and another thing is the development, protection and enhancement of the Agrarian Site of the Bastida.The Mayor of Totana, Juan José Cánovas, wanted to throw a smoke screen with the city museum to leave the Bastida project abandoned.From the Popular Party of Totana we want to know the answer to the question to the mayor, who has not yet answered and we ask that he not go through the "hills of Úbeda" DOES THE MAYOR OF TOTANA BELIEVE IN THE BASTIDA PROJECT?It is very easy to answer this question: the mayor has shown that NO, that he does not believe in Bastida, in his investment, in the enhancement of a differentiating tourist resource, a tourist bet for the municipality of Totana around a jewel unique that our municipality has, a historical reference that positions Totana on the European and world map as a unique historical and tourist enclave.What IS clear, and this has been demonstrated over the years, is that the Popular Party has been the Totana party that has bet the most on the development of the Argaric de la Bastida deposit in Totana, because we have always believed at.La Bastida has been in Totana for more than 4000 years, but it was in 2004 when the Popular Party, after many years of plunder, decided to start a real and firm project.The Bastida project began with the purchase of the land, since we have to remember that the land belonged to a private farm.Other actions that had to be put in place, not without many added problems, was to provide the area with electricity, as it did not have this service.

The power line was brought in to supply the area with electricity and until then the excavation, study and restoration of pieces were carried out using generators to facilitate the work of archaeologists.The study of the site was started by the University of Murcia and later continued by the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ??which had experts in the field and in the culture of Argar, these works, agreements, etc.

They were also a bet that had a cost, but that, without them, La Bastida would not have been a reality like the one we know today.We proceeded to clearing, excavating the site, recovering and restoring all the archaeological elements that were discovered with the work of the experts, first in the building for the museum and then moved to the laboratory once built.Simultaneously with the archeology work, funding was sought for the construction of the buildings that would house the interpretation center and museum, the laboratory and the restoration area, the access area and parking lots, all of which today has become a reality due to the firm commitment of a government party, which considered from the beginning the great tourist, economic and development potential for the town of Totana, but always having very clear that the "tourist product" had to be finished in order to offer a whole that gave a European and universal projection to the site, Totana would be known in all places as a historical reference of the Argar culture of 4000 years old.The Popular Party throughout different legislatures has been firmly betting on developing a very important project for the development of the municipality, and for this it was presented throughout Spain and crossing the borders to Europe, although now the Mayor only Laughter of the visits made by the mayor of the PP in Europe, where funding was obtained and visibility was given to a unique site, which for 5 years has plunged into a real paralysis.Another of the bets for the Site was what was called the musealization of the excavation area, in addition to prior to its inauguration in 2015 it was to provide the area with a garden with native plants and typical of the time, which also It was a firm commitment to the adaptation of the entrance and parking area to the site.The PP has always bet on the study, development of the Site, research, excavations, conditioning of the area to allow visits, interpretation center, building for museum area, laboratory, as well as its projection throughout the borders beyond our municipality.The Popular Party has always been clear about and has believed in one of the unique jewels that the municipality has and that it considers that we should not leave it abandoned at the moment in which its development is located, the current abandonment of the site, will mean a setback in his research and will mean the decline of a project in which more than 10 million euros has been invested.From the PP we have always believed that its value can give Totana a very important tourist projection that combined with history, our culture and traditions together with gastronomy make a necessary complement to boost the economy and promote consumption in the hotel and catering industry.

in shops, giving greater projection and development to the municipality.It is clear that the Popular Party DOES believe in the Bastida, what we are not so clear about is whether the Mayor, Juan José Cánovas, believes in this project, since he has tried to leave the area unguarded, which would lead to abandonment and possible vandalism in the area, which would throw overboard a project that has been underway for more than 16 years and where a lot of money has been invested from all the totaneros,It is very important to finish the PROJECT, without the completion of it we cannot pretend to begin to obtain results and economic repercussion in the municipality, it is much the path that we have already walked in the BASTIDA project so that now, a mayor, with less support from the totaneros of all democracy, wants to throw overboard one of the differentiating projects of Totana.The PP IF YOU BELIEVE IN BASTIDA, DOES MR.


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