"Inconsistencies in life and politics", by Juan José Cánovas


| "Not even in times of corruption, ruin and various feasts had so many resignations or demonstrations (of" tol pueblo ") been requested in this town" | Municipal elections are held in May 2019.

In the campaign, the majority of parties (Carrillo, PP ,.

Ciudadanos, Plataforma) defend that the most voted list should govern and be the Mayor.

The PSOE, that if they get one more vote than Ganar Totana, they want to govern alone the 4 years without the burden of "the others."Elections are held and a Party wins (most voted list).

There are no agreements with who is supposed to have more coincidences, basically because of the General Plan, Museum in the Technological Center of Crafts, treatment of the economic situation ...

As they all proposed, the most voted list governs or the one that has obtained almost a thousand votes more than the PSOE.After four days it is seen that it is not like that, and that the most voted list will govern, nothing at all.

What is possible is blocked, an increase in allowances for the opposition by 75%, an attempt to get the mayor to ask permission for what the Law allows him to do in his powers ...

And there is a paradox that those who defended the most voted list ( in general or from the left) because they are not satisfied with that but neither do they propose alternatives that give fluidity to the governance of the people.The Party that won the elections has a program and is trying to carry it out.

For example, in its Electoral Program, it proposed a museum at the Artesanía Technological Center while there was no other option.

That thousands of visitors access the Bastida Site and do not pass through the urban area of ??Totana does not seem logical, since the value of things and the investment of hundreds and hundreds of thousands of euros can and should revert to the town's economy ( hospitality, commerce, crafts ...).That is, to hold the exhibition of material in Totana and then visit the site, where it continues to contribute and bet that the team continues to do so without problems.

Is it any sin for a government to try to carry out its program when it considers it beneficial for the economy and for the People? I don't think that's why anyone is being disrespected.

Or if?.If we remember the debate of the candidates in the Casino, we can listen to the proposals on the matter and I leave you the link to review it.

I beg you, if you please, listen to the candidates (some) what they thought or proposed that matter.

Also what they defend now.And this is just one example of how things are happening.

That is, if I win, the most voted list (PP, VOX, Plataforma, Carrillo or Ciudadanos) or if I have one more vote than Win Totana, I govern just because I know how to do it very well (PSOE).

As the one that got the most votes was Ganar Totana, I don't like it anymore.

They have two options: Block or agree and govern themselves, which is not a bad idea to prove their worth and they not only know how to criticize or block the institution because they do not like the Mayor to whom the people have given the most votes.Meanwhile, we are inventing campaigns; meanwhile, assuming expenses in Health or Education that do not correspond to the City Council.That if the Menas, that if immigration, that the pandemic is a matter of the "Arcarde", that if it appears on TV, that if he writes, that if the "transparency", that if the "plundering", that the "Arcarde he has a corner for the Catalans ”, that if one resigns, that if another resigns ...Not in times of corruption, ruin and various feasts had so many resignations or demonstrations (of "tol pueblo") been requested in this town.

If it weren't for how serious these things are ...

draw your own conclusions.

"Juan José Cánovas, Mayor of TotanaThe Totana debate (05/21/2019) 

Inconsistencies in life and politics, by Juan José Cánovas, Foto 1

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