The Association of Rural Women of El Raiguero qualifies as a success the last of the mobilizations so that they do not remove the pieces of "La Bastida"


| Its president, María Costa Cifuentes, gives her point of view on this matter | "You lie, you secretly.

Only 6 people, a Mayor and 5 councilors behind the back of the town and 15 representatives of the opposition, call Murcia and begin to manage to take the pieces, seeds, ballot boxes etc to a warehouse of Sewer.With your decision, you OBLIGATE Heritage and Culture to take them, because by taking away the security, these pieces cannot stay there, and must be moved.

You don't tell anyone or your loved ones, because then no one would know.Totana confined most of the year thanks to his management, everything perfect.

On Thursday his historical and IU leader acknowledged not knowing anything.

So the whole plot concocted by you Mr.

Mayor and supported by your 5 councilors including the Archaeologist was underway. To the question of Carlos Ballester (PSOE) in plenary session, you vilely keep silent and tell him that you would answer him in writing, so that he would have time to take them all before the next plenary session (that was his thought).In contact that same weekend with the PP of Murcia they tell us the strategy.

The very intense weekend, meetings, calls, etc.

we already have the history and the letter that justifies it from CultureSeeing himself lost and caught, he makes a paripé and false press conference that you are accustomed to, blaming the 15 councilors of the opposition that they have voted against the budgets, knowing that it is a LIE.

It is very noticeable to the Councilor that things are going wrong and she does not stop moving, restless and nervous she does not manage to convince and what she does is get involved until she is like a person without studies and without preparation, who does not even know who has to pay anything .Totana's media harass her with questions that she barely manages to say several times ...

I don't know ...

I mean, you didn't know what they were talking about, while you, with paper in hand, seeing how you looked at his councilor and knowing that the press conference had to be finished anyway, he also looked nervous.

The press conference is over and your hosts run fast and fast to the networks, they attack, they press, but you have not realized what the people do ... You have wanted to DECEIVE US, YOU HAVE TRIED AND WE HAVE CAUGHT YOU, YOU ARE ALONE, THE PSOE DOES NOT PROTECT YOU AND THE OTHERS NEITHER ... Now they are caught and it occurs to him to make a PLENARY ON LINE TO NOT GIVE HIS FACE AND THAT THE HISTORICS CAN HELP YOU GET OUT BECAUSE EVEN THEY KNOW THAT YOU HAVE GONE TO TREASURE AND TO DECEIVE THE PEOPLE AND THAT IN THE URNS IS GOING TO NOTICE.They only have two doors left to leave with honor and bullfighting shame: THE 6 MEMBERS OF THEIR GOVERNMENT ARE ASK FOR FORGIVENESS TO THE PEOPLE AND RECTIFY THAT DECISION, WE HAVE ALREADY LOOKED FOR OFFERS FROM OTHER COMPANIES MUCH CHEAPER (UP TO 50,000 EUROS CHEAPER) WITH THE SAME SERVICE AND GIVING WORK TO PEOPLE OF TOTANA, BECAUSE WE DO CARE ABOUT OUR PEOPLE.He will not say that no matter how bad it may seem that I do not make it easy for him, ask for forgiveness all 6 and rectify ...

And the next think about it before DECEIVING AND BETRAYING THE PEOPLE "Maria Costa.

President of the Association of Rural Women of El Raiguero

The Association of Rural Women of El Raiguero qualifies as a success the last of the mobilizations so that they do not remove the pieces of La Bastida, Foto 1

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