La Bastida from an urban point of view


| Pedro José Sánchez | "One of the historical challenges of urban planning, and for which it has always taken care, is to compose the city and the territory in such a way that all its components not only fit together, but also provide feedback, and the one cannot be conceived without the other.During these days, we have witnessed a boom of opinions and arguments (some of them quite poorly structured or based on the purest misinformation or intention to misinform) about the La Bastida site, the future location of its pieces and about the future of both in general.I think that the debate thrown these days has avoided (perhaps intentionally) a debate that is much more extensive and with some uncomfortable chapters, and it is Totana's relationship with its site and how we project both into the future.Although you all know me as a councilor and member of Ganar Totana-IU, I will try to overturn my vision of things from an urban point of view, since my belonging to the IU project is due, among other things, to the coincidence on important issues such as the one from the museum.

The party does not make the opinion, but the opinion brings me closer to the party.Totana should (for decades) have a museum that exhibits its wealth to the visitor, whether local, regional or international, as our neighboring towns have it.

From the urban point of view, the best location for this would be in the center of the city, as we have examples in Mula, Lorca, Alhama de Murcia, Mazarrón ...

to mention only neighboring municipalities.A museum in the urban area encourages the visitor not only to visit its facilities, but also to walk and get to know the city that shelters it.

in the case of Mula, whoever visits her museum stops to see her convent of San Francisco, and if she walks a little further, her museum in the Casa Pintada, her famous Cigarralejo museum.

But also its Plaza Mayor, its Clock Tower, its medieval streets, its architecture and baroque style, the almagra stone of its corners ...

and of course, also to have lunch or a coffee in its bars or visit the shop windows of their shops.A museum in the city can be much more, because it is projected towards its surroundings.

Even the international Atapuerca deposit, in Burgos, has its museum located in the heart of the city.

Urbanistically, it is the most sustainable solution, because not only does it mean less spending on surveillance and security, but it also generates activity around it.Thus, the opportunity Totana has with its wealth of heritage (which is not limited to La Bastida) makes the need for a museum space in the center of our city more than evident.

And this must be the CTA, 100 meters from the police station for surveillance, 200 meters from the most impressive Mudejar roof in Spain in the Church of Santiago, just a few meters from our past potter and immersed in the economic bustle.

from the city of Totana.At a time when our commerce and our hospitality industry are suffering especially, perhaps it is time to step into the future looking at good opportunities.

"Pedro Jose Sanchez

La Bastida from an urban point of view, Foto 1

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