The Civil Guard detains the driver who fatally ran over a pedestrian in August 2018 in Totana and fled


| He is allegedly responsible for the crimes of homicide and omission of the duty of assistance | The researchers located the tourism in a mechanical workshop in LorcaThe enormous investigation work has allowed his location and detention two years after the incident occurred.The Civil Guard of the Region of Murcia has developed, since August 2018, an investigation aimed at identifying and arresting the driver of the vehicle that fled after hitting a pedestrian, who died as a result of the injuries sustained, which culminated, more than two years later, with the arrest of a 21-year-old man from Lorca, as the alleged perpetrator of the crimes of homicide and omission of the duty of assistance.The events that gave rise to the investigation occurred before seven in the morning on August 18, 2018, on the so-called Camino del Pastelero, next to the roundabout known as “del Rulo”, in the municipality of Totana, when a A neighbor who was passing by found the dying body of an elderly person with apparent signs of having been hit by a vehicle.

Minutes after being treated by the health services, he died.The Civil Guard immediately dispatched a Team of Attempts and the Traffic Investigation and Analysis Group (GIAT), which collected the initial information, carried out the technical-visual inspection at the scene of the event and the collection of testimonies, evidence, vestiges and evidence aimed at clarifying the facts and identifying the person allegedly responsible for the fatal outrage.After a laborious investigation, the Civil Guard obtained some first data about the vehicle allegedly causing the accident.From that moment, agents of the Benemérita, in collaboration with the Local Police of Totana, carried out innumerable steps to try to locate the vehicle and identify its driver.This enormous effort made it possible, days later, to locate a car in Lorca that had recently been repaired in a local workshop, whose damages responded to the pattern of the type of event investigated.

The driver denied from the first moment having intervened in the fatal hit by Totana's neighbor.Specialists from the Organic Unit of Judicial Police of the Civil Guard, in collaboration with investigators from the Traffic Sector, analyzed the damage in detail until they obtained evidence that was sent to the Criminalistics Service of the General Directorate of the Civil Guard, for analysis.In addition, the intervention of specialists in road accident investigation of the Traffic Accident Reconstruction Team (ERAT), based in Madrid, was crucial, contributing their knowledge and experience to guide investigators, for more than two years, until achieve a positive clarification of the incident that cost the life of the neighbor of Totana.After more than two years of investigation, the expert reports issued in this regard have determined the alleged link between the vehicle examined and the person hit.Recently, the investigation has culminated in the arrest of a young man, 21 years old, from Lorca, as the alleged perpetrator of the crimes of homicide and omission of the duty of relief, for the alleged fatal hit by a pedestrian and his abandonment, without paying personally or request the necessary aid to avoid the fatal outcome.The crime of homicide, in its different forms, is included in articles 138 and 142 of the Penal Code and can be punished with penalties ranging from 1 to 15 years in prison as well as the accessory, where appropriate, of deprivation of rights to drive motor vehicles and mopeds for longer than 1 and up to 6 years.For its part, the crime of omission of the duty to help, punishable by article 195 of the Penal Code, provides penalties ranging from imprisonment from 6 months to 4 years or a fine from 3 to 12 months, depending on the circumstances.

in each specific case.The Civil Guard appeals to the public so that, when they witness or have knowledge of a traffic accident, they take note of the largest possible number of data, especially the type, characteristics and registration of the vehicles involved, and communicate it to the Security Forces, with The purpose of facilitating the police investigation and preventing such unfortunate events from going unpunished.The detainee, the vehicle involved in the accident and the proceedings carried out have been made available to the Investigating Court of Lorca (Murcia).

The Civil Guard detains the driver who fatally ran over a pedestrian in August 2018 in Totana and fled, Foto 1
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