Statement from Acción Totana regarding the "attempted plunder" by our own city council of the Bastida site


At the beginning of May 2018, the councilor for Archaeological Sites, Mr.

Juan José Cánovas, current Mayor of Totana, announced to his neighbors that he would raise a motion to the Ordinary Plenary of that same month requesting the Autonomous Community that the pieces looted at the site Argarico de La Bastida, within the framework of the "Idolillo" operation, will return to Totana for its exhibition in the "future museum of the city." This motion was approved by an absolute majority. The "Idolillo" operation carried out by the Murcia Region Civil Guard culminated in the recovery of nearly ten thousand pieces of great paleontological and archaeological value that were in the hands of private collectors.The Department of Archaeological Sites (Mr.

Juan José Cánovas) intended that, once they were classified by the General Directorate of Cultural Assets of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Environment, those corresponding to the Bastida site would be transferred to the Totana City Council to be exhibited in the project of the future MUSEO DE LA BASTIDA DE TOTANA, whose intention of this department (Mr.

Juan José Cánovas) was to locate it in the building of the old Technological Center of Crafts, in the area of ??Las Ollerías.

He advocated that this way, the Autonomous Community could deposit the pieces stolen from the Argaric site of La Bastida following the same procedure that had been carried out with the archaeological heritage of La Almoloya in the City of Mula Museum.At the end of July 2018, the General Directorate of Cultural Assets recommended to the Totana City Council that it WORK (almost nothing), in the creation of said museum; This suggestion was made in response to the municipal request (THE CORPORATION IN PLENO) to gather in Totana the pieces looted in the framework of the police operation.

And likewise, the first deputy mayor and councilor of Archaeological Sites, Mr.

Juan José Cánovas, made it known to the totaneros, through an official press release, after receiving a technical report from the department in charge of managing these matters in the Autonomous Community, which has the powers in this regard.We repeat.

The Plenary of the City Council approved by an absolute majority in May 2018 a motion, including this former councilor, at the request of the current Mayor, requesting the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, that the pieces looted in the Argaric site of La Bastida, within the framework of operation "Idolillo", they returned to Totana for their exhibition in the future museum of the city.

And as a result of this municipal request, the first deputy mayor informed us that the competent Ministry suggested in the report signed by the general director Juan Antonio Lorca, what; "It would be convenient, in order to be able to opt in the future for this temporary loan of archaeological pieces from the Archaeological Museum of Murcia, that the museum in question be officially created".According to Mr.

Juan José Cánovas, the Autonomous Community; "He came to endorse the approach of his department to create the future museum of the city ...," in this case proposed at the headquarters of the old Technological Center of Crafts (CTA), and incorporate it into the Regional Network of Museums, recognized in Law 5/1996 of Museums of the Region of Murcia.

This, as suggested by the General Directorate of Cultural Assets, would be provided with the material and human technical means for its permanent openness to the public and proper functioning, and thus could legally receive the deposit of material assets of the archaeological interventions carried out in this municipal term.

To date, NOTHING has been done of the foregoing nor has the plenary agreement been fulfilled.But it is that within the Integral Plan of Tourism for Totana was this initiative of the new Archaeological Museum for the city, the first deputy mayor at that time reminded us what; "It would be framed within a Comprehensive Tourism Plan that aims to involve the economic agents of the municipality, in this case, hoteliers, artisans and merchants, and with which the local tourist activity would be diversified to thus reach a figure of more than 7,000 people who would visit Totana annually having the La Bastida site as a monographic basis.

"And that THE PIECES FOUND IN THE FIELD would also be moved, as D.

Juan José Cánovas himself reiterated, to what was once the CTA, a few minutes from the urban center of the city; Where they would be exhibited forming a museum collection of the culture of argar in Totana and of local crafts, since "it is the appropriate space for this purpose, as recognized by the heads of services of the competent general directions of the regional Administration".

This infrastructure would allow a space dedicated to a sample of traditional totanera pottery to be created on the upper floor, as well as traveling exhibitions that would help expand the local cultural offer; and the rest to the deposit of the assets of the La Bastida and Las Cabezuelas deposits, among other parks. Apart from not fulfilling anything of what was exposed and committed by the previous Municipal Corporation, including this former councilman and the current Mayor for the last three years facing the totaneros.

Above we find in the last three days with the unpleasant surprise that tomorrow, with total night, treachery and order and command by "local royal decree of the Mayor's Office", without taking this matter to the plenary session and being already aware, and we understand that the inductor direct Mr.

Mayor himself.

That all the pieces deposited in the Bastida site will be transferred to the neighboring town of Alcantarilla for safekeeping in a warehouse for this purpose, in the Autonomous Community itself. In view of all the above, the Mayor and the opposition, in particular the PP and the PSOE, should clearly explain the reasons why they have not kept their word and the law itself before their electors in relation to compliance with plenary agreements, "as soon as possible" and have not taken these projects into account in the budgets of the last two years to carry them out.The loss of these pieces for the cultural and archaeological heritage of this city, which if they leave, we will see when they return seeing the panorama and knowing how these "people" work, together with the total lack of promoting tourism committed three years ago , and further back in time.

It is an incalculable ruin, to add to what we already have above and what a minimum, it deserves the resignation of those responsible for its disastrous "non-management" without more excuse or politically correct quibbles.

Out on the street for being irresponsible but at a brisk pace.Because for many of us it is not enough to say that there is no money to cover security or other expenses (of course there are other hidden interests), when they have had three years to prevent these expenses and restructure the municipal budgets according to the economic situation and even more.

When for you political parties, with or without viruses, there is never a shortage of 40,000 euros per year in subsidies that you do not even deign to publish on what they are spent on.

All this disaster, yet another, is due solely to a total lack of administrative management in this regard, yet another, a flagrant breach of plenary agreements and laws, still others (Mr.

Secretary General) and a total lack of commitment,dedication and vocation of service towards the residents of Totana of an exhausted and negligent political class that only looks out for their party and personal interests, lack of any original idea or plan, in the short or medium term, to try to get Totana out of his secular economic ruin and legal insecurity. That if, to the plenary sessions they continue to bring to "cover the file" for their respective parishes, standard motions from their headquarters urging that WORK, but others or in the worst case, authentic ideological and propaganda garbage of their inbreeding organizations that They have nothing to do with the plenary powers, and even less with the real problems of the vast majority of residents of this municipality, which on the contrary, we pay at the rate of about 8,000 euros per plenary session of "Salsa Rosa" of authentic de luxe.

The looters seem to have switched sides many years ago and we have them in our own public institutions. Juan C.


Statement from Acción Totana regarding the attempted plunder by our own city council of the Bastida site, Foto 1

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