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Coronavirus in Totana: Unanswered questions


The incidence of the coronavirus in the municipality of Totana began to be worrying as of June.

Since that date, the progressive increase in cases led us to confinement at the end of July and until mid-August.

However, the same did not happen with other neighboring towns that presented great similarities in terms of population and number of cases.

Just a month later, the Autonomous Community, as a competent health authority, confines us again with a percentage of infections that triples that valued by itself in the month of July.

And here we launch the other question:If the limitations and restrictions imposed in the confinement of July-August have not served to control the virus, why are those same measures and restrictions that have already been ineffective? Faced with the ineffectiveness of these measures, which are not accompanied by resources either, the autonomous and municipal authorities constantly appeal to the responsibility of the entire population of Totana, in such a way that those who comply with the rules come to feel offended, unjustly blamed and defrauded, because no matter how many confinements we are subjected to, those who show irresponsible and uncivil attitudes - either because they cannot, or because they do not want to - will continue to do so, and the confinements will continue to be useless.

And at this point, the citizens of Totana wonder: why has the City Council not established a surveillance device in the municipality for irresponsible behavior? Perhaps we are answered that the local police force is insufficient, and it is true,But then, why has the City Council expected to have an index of 2000 cases per 100,000 inhabitants to ask the Government Delegation for help? The citizens of Totana cannot be held accountable for fighting the virus without first explaining why we have reached the point where we are.

Other municipalities with socio-economic characteristics similar to Totana - for example, the municipalities that surround the Cartagena countryside - are not in such a critical situation.

What has been done in Totana (or what has not been done) to be where we are? The total population that acts in a civic and responsible way, to remain so and avoid undesirable polarizations, need to know and understand the origin and cause of such a disastrous and inexplicable situation.Autonomous and local authorities, speak loud and clear, and, above all, give reasons and act

Coronavirus in Totana: Unanswered questions, Foto 1

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