A particular analysis of the comments made in the independent portal "Totana.com"


| Opinion article by Pedro López Martínez | For some time, I have wanted to know what is the generalized and objective opinion of the totaneros who freely express their opinion.

And for this, the ideal place for me chosen has been the independent portal "Totana.com".

And to do so, I have collected all the opinions or comments made during August 1 to 15 of this year.

The sample, a fortnight, represents 4.17% of the total for the year, which is much higher than those normally made on voting trends and the like.

I have read all the comments carefully and have classified them by the sex of the commentators, by the content (sound criticism ( 1 ) or various insults), by the number of interventions that each person makes, etc.

And I have obtained some results, totally objective, which I will present: 1.

A total of 96 news or articles have been published on Totana.com, in such period.2.

A total of 66 people have participated in the comments of such news or articles, of which 40 men and 26 women.3.

All of them have posted a total of 105 comments.4.

A total of 12 people have posted comments more than once, from 2 to 14.5.

Those that carry a healthy criticism amount to 78 comments, which represents 74.29% of their total.

Of them, 34 are men and 23 women.6.

Comments dedicated to insulting or censuring others add up to 27, which represents 25.71% of the total.

Of them, 6 are men and 5 women.7.

They made comments in both directions (healthy criticism and insults or censures) 1 man and 2 women.The result is highly satisfactory: 74.29% of all comments followed the rules of sound criticism.

And the remaining 25.71% did not, which indicates that the Totanero people are highly constructive in terms of their positive reviews.

Of every four people, three belong to this group.The award for concord, in my view, is for the person who made the comment that appeared on 4-8-20 ( 2 ), which urges that all the political parties of Totana join in an Extraordinary Plenary of the City Council to adopt the necessary measures and alleviate the economic and social situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

My sincere congratulations to such a person! We should all take note of her wise words.And the award for discord, insult and unreason belongs to the person who has made 14 comments - the one who has stood out the most in these.

Of these, 13 do not conform to the rules of sound criticism, as explained below.This person stands as a number scholar of the RAE and tells a venerable and respectable elderly person to write without spelling mistakes, and he mocks him by saying: “Acho, tell your grandson to correct your spelling text or stop by the Vox headquarters, although I don't know if they will know ”( 3).

Greater shamelessness has ever been seen.

And all this because that person, without offending anyone as she does, freely expresses an opinion, correctly or incorrectly written, but perfectly understandable even for her.

She does not take into account that all of these older people, also her parents, were the ones who fought, under conditions much harsher than those that exist today, so that she and all today's young people have a more modern Spain, more economically powerful and cultured than the one they had.

It is indecent.

It denotes a lack of culture, education, insolence, inappropriate for a young person.

Even with such dictations, she is expressing a visceral hatred for the elderly.

To the offended,I pay him from here the greatest of my appreciations and respects and I tell him that he has shown himself to be a measured and prudent person by not answering this rude person.

Offended Mr.: You continue to express your opinion, because you are perfectly understood! And know that even the best scribe makes a blur and even God writes straight with crooked lines.This person also censors - as did the Russian communist political police, the Cheka, founded by Stalin in 1917 - a man, a graduate in Philosophy, who, based on his constitutional right to freedom of expression, issues a criticism —A healthy criticism— about the work of a public office, expressing his disagreement with his actions, although without insulting him.Could there be something more democratic than healthy criticism of the performance of political office? Are we in the former USSR or in today's Russia? That person insults a magnificent Totanero philosopher for expressing his opinion, but instead of insulting him, he should express his disagreement - if he had one.By not doing so, pay attention, if we read your reply carefully ("Diooosss! What a roll of text [...] it does not say anything substantial.

It seems like a tenement criticism adorned with words without any depth (4"), it does not detract from what was stated by the good philosopher.

From which it follows that the content of what is expressed by this IS A TRUE EVERYTHING, although it causes discomfort to that one.

And it comes out through peteneras, as he rudely does when he states: "hahaha also little narcissistic pictures of tablets.

Acho, little serious with that little profile picture.

Selfie showing tablets.


I'm going to block you from my facebukissss ( 5) "; It is the most tacky thing that has been seen in recent times.

And also with spelling mistakes! (Narciscitas, write), something that criticizes an older person, as mentioned above.

But do not worry about this person, since you can always blame the spell checker, which is what he is for.

And if not to the "teddy of my newborn niece", as the good philosopher says at the end of his article.This same person boasts of communist ideology, which, in his words, has triumphed in Totana, “the town with the most looks ( 6) ".

He is wrong from beginning to end when he affirms the victory of communism in Totana.

In a municipal election, you do not have to be very clever to know that the person who each believes most capable is voted as mayor, not his party (go to the regional or general elections and you will understand it better).

Said more simply so that it is better understood: here, in Totana, Don Juan-José Cánovas has won the mayoralty, a person, in my opinion, one of the most honored of those who have obtained such a position in our city.

I have said it many times, both in public and in private.

Furthermore, when he praises communist ideology, I think it is because he does not know that it has been equated with Nazism, and that both totalitarian regimes - Nazism and Communism - “committed mass murders,genocides and deportations and were the cause of a loss of human life and freedom in the 20th century on a scale hitherto never seen in the history of mankind in terms of its evil, oppression of citizens, promotion of racism and hatred and also because of the immense number of murders he committed (7 ) ”, and“ expresses its concern that symbols of totalitarian regimes continue to be used in the public sphere and for commercial purposes, and recalls that several European countries have prohibited the use of Nazi and Communist symbols ( 8 ) ” .

Everything in quotation marks are not my words but those of the highest legislative authority in the EU: The European Parliament, in a Resolution of less than 1 year ago, of 19-9-2019.

As can be seen, it is not a pride to belong to or praise the Communist or Nazi ideologies.Therefore, I think it has very well earned the prize for discord, which should not be done.

Hopefully no one follows suit! And with this I end my opinion, that I do it based on my constitutional right to express myself freely.

And now I'm going to do a test: I'm going to start the timer to see how long it takes until this last person answers, but let her know that I will read carefully and respect the reasons for her discrepancies, if any .

Time back begins: 10, 9, 8, 7 ... Lawyer Pedro López Martínez 1 By "criticize" is understood, according to the DRAE, to analyze something in detail and assess it according to the criteria of the subject in question.

And by healthy criticism we understand the common feeling of the people.2 Cf.

https://www.totana.com/noticias/2020/08/04-el-pp-insta-al-alcalde-a-convocar-un-pleno-extraordinario-y-urgente.asp3 Cf.

https://www.totana.com/noticias/2020/08/03-el-psoe-vuelve-a-pedir-la-dimision-del-concejal-de-seguridad-ciudadana.asp4 Cf.

https://www.totana.com/noticias/2020/08/11-alcalde-usted-o-el-otro.asp 5 Ibidem.6 Ib.7 Cf.

la Resolución del Parlamento Europeo, de 19 de septiembre de 2019, sobre la importancia de la memoria histórica europea para el futuro de Europa (2019/2819(RSP), en su Considerando M, apartado 5 ( https://www.europarl.europa.eu/doceo/document/TA-9-2019-0021_ES.html).8 Ibidem, Considerando M, apartado 17.

A particular analysis of the comments made in the independent portal Totana.com, Foto 1

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