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| Juan José Cánovas has published a post on social networks about questions in plenary in relation to the Plaza Hotel.

For his part, José Antonio Andreo calls him "MAYOR LIAR" | Juan José Cánovas, mayor of Totana, published this morning a post on social networks regarding questions in plenary regarding the Plaza Hotel:"COME THE MINES!("A lie repeated 100 times becomes a truth")As we have no problems dealing with the pandemic, the boys from VOX and their cousins ??from the Platform, Now Totana, get on the bandwagon of creating psychosis in the town, instead of making any suitable proposal.

On the other hand, something "sadly fashionable" in the attitude of some politicians.First, we spread the rumor, on networks and WhatsApp, that Menas come to the Plaza Hotel.

False profiles are created on the networks because some do not want to stand up and it is more comfortable to attack from a cowardly and crawling anonymity, while the Councilor of the Platform, friend Rufo, spyglass at the ready, observes "suspicious movements in the Hotel" .

It all fits; They are Menas and the Mayor brings them!Then, to round off the play of lies and incitement to hatred, they take questions to the Plenary, insinuating "that the City Council spends money in Menas and does not help merchants and hoteliers ...

And that they, (VOX and Plataforma) They are very pious.

That of "I am not racist, but ..."And this is the level that we have these days in Totana where everything goes to create tension without scruple.

"Juan José CánovasFor his part, and for allusions,  José Antonio Andreo Moreno has answered him in these terms:A LIARING MAYORFor Allusions:Juan José Cánovas, "KALIFA" nicknamed him for the mentideros.

You must make him look at it since he lives installed in his own LIE, and you feed on it.

Apply your own headline "a lie told 100 times, it becomes a truth."THE MAYOR LIES, by blaming the Platform I represent, when he states in his Facebook article this morning that "we create psychosis", "do not make proposals", "create rumors in networks", and a long etc ...

There is no article or comment on the Facebook page of the Platform regarding what you affirm.

Just the opposite we make proposals, and questions to be informed and thus reliably communicate to the people of Totana.

Show what you claim.The questions that we asked him in yesterday's plenary session are focused precisely to clarify and avoid misunderstandings, since you as the Mayor of Totana DO have to know (as you recognized yesterday) the activity that is going to be carried out in that building.

On the other hand, whether it bothers you or not, we owe it to the neighbors of Totana, who send us their fears and concerns, of which we will continue to be a voice, defending their legitimate interests in plenary, and if it seems wrong to you , we do not care exactly.THE MAYOR LIES, by blaming me in the first person, naming me by the nickname, (which does not offend me) coming from you.

Deducting from the questions we ask that “Menas that the Mayor brings” will be installed in said building.

And followed by saying that "the city council spends money on ores and not on aid to merchants and hoteliers." I insist that the questions asked by the Platform that I represent are aimed at knowing the activity that is going to be carried out, being our legal right to do so.For the future you should differentiate, if you know, that I doubt it, when an individual acts in a personal capacity or on behalf of a group, in this case the Civil Platform "NOW TOTANA", and therefore, of the more than 850 people who They showed him their support in the past municipal elections.I am not going to extend more, since I do not want to put myself at his moral height, which is very low indeed.

But with the attitude and annoyance that it displays, it precisely generates the effect that you indicate in your text, incitement to hatred.

See if this is so, since I am not putting articles of this type on this social network, you have actually encouraged me to use it.I dare to affirm that with your attitude, you are defrauding every day, this Loyal and Noble City of TOTANA.José Antonio Andreo Moreno.


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