Free textbooks reach first-year ESO students in the Region of Murcia from the next school year 2020/21


| With them, there will be 97,000 students in third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade of Primary, Basic FP and Special Education those with loan manuals | The Ministry of Education and Culture plans to implement the free in the textbooks of first Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) in the next school year 2020/21, for which 6.7 million euros will be allocated; thus adding to the levels where it is already being applied: third, fourth, fifth and sixth of Primary, Basic Professional Training and Special Education.Those schools that have first ESO will be able to choose the materials to be used, both printed and digital, which cannot be substituted for a minimum of four school years, except in exceptional situations.

The ownership of the books will correspond to the educational Administration, which will transfer them to the schools and institutes so that they can lend them to the students.The model is developed through the creation of a book bank in each of the educational centers supported with public funds.

Adherence to the loan system is automatic for all students and only parents or legal representatives who wish to withdraw, must notify the educational center where their children are enrolled.The students participating in the Book Bank System of the Region of Murcia undertake through the father, mother or legal representatives to respect the rules established in the organization and operation documents of the centers, regarding the use and conservation of the textbooks and curricular material that is part of your book bank.

Commits to the care and return in time, of the books and material transferred.For the next academic year, the regional exchange of textbooks between educational centers is established, with which the surplus that may have been produced in centers with a significant enrollment difference since the creation of its book bank will be optimized, making provisions available to other schools that have selected those same textbooks.The Community will allocate 245 euros to provide each student enrolled in the first year of ESO and will continue to provide new increases in enrollment, in educational centers at the levels where free education has already been implemented since the 2018/2019 academic year, with 150 euros for the third and fourth years of Primary Education; 170 euros for the fifth and sixth courses of Primary Education; 105 euros for Basic Vocational Training and, to students with special educational needs, they are endowed annually with 105 euros, whether they are enrolled in ordinary centers, open classrooms or Special Education centers.Digitization admission to Basic FP, which begins on day 2On the other hand, the Ministry will begin next June 2 the process of admission to Basic Vocational Training (FPB) for the academic year 2020-2021, which can be carried out for the first time in a completely digital way until 12:00 hours on the 16 of June.

The process is aimed at students between 15 and 17 years old who need to acquire more practical knowledge, oriented towards the development of a professional qualification.The FPB studies give the students the possibility of obtaining the Basic Professional title and of subsequently continuing the Medium Degree FP studies; but they can also title, in parallel, in Compulsory Secondary Education.

To do this, they must meet the requirement of having completed the first cycle of ESO (3rd ESO) and, exceptionally, 2nd ESO, in addition to having been proposed by the teaching team.Applications may be completed through a web form of the Electronic Office of the Autonomous Community (procedure 1125), as well as on the institutional website (thematic area of ??Vocational Training).

For this, the user must have the means of identification issued by the certification entities admitted by the Electronic Office or electronic DNI.

Free textbooks reach first-year ESO students in the Region of Murcia from the next school year 2020/21, Foto 1

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