Social Welfare advocates introducing Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue in social, professional and political agendas


| Whose patients show solidarity with those affected and deceased by COVID-19 | The Department of Social Welfare, the City of Totana has wanted to give visibility to the Association of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue of Totana (ASTOFIBROM) on the occasion of the celebration of the World Day of this pathology, advocating to introduce this pathology in the social, professional and policiesYesterday, Tuesday, as every year, World Fibromyalgia Day was commemorated, an appointment that, despite the situation of confinement, the totanera association that represents people affected by this disease, has wanted to take advantage to claim the fight against the disease that, they recall, makes them feel continuous pain and tiredness and considerably hinders the performance of daily activities.In this commemoration of the International Day of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, those affected and affected by these diseases and their families have wanted to show our solidarity with those affected by COVID-19 and their feeling for the deaths it has caused.The municipality of Totana every year, as it has been traditional for several years, celebrates every May 12 the International Day of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue with the reading of a manifesto and support for awareness actions at the information point mobile located in the Plaza de la Constitución; that this years, for obvious reasons, have not taken place.The councilor for the sector, Javier Baños, who has contacted the directors of this entity, has taken this opportunity to remember the health and social demands that the thousands of patients suffering from this disease in Spain have been making for three decades, who today it is considered a paradigm of chronic pain.INTERNATIONAL DAY OF FIBROMYALGIA AND CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME 2020 In this commemoration of INTERNATIONAL DAY OF FIBROMIALGIA AND THE CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME, those affected and affected by these diseases and our families want to show our solidarity with those affected by Covid-19 and our feeling for the deaths it has caused.

Therefore, we ask that we dedicate a pause before reading the Manifesto.Although we will remember the year 2020 due to the sadness that overwhelms us, this May 12 will also be engraved in our memory because this commemoration in favor of the STANDARDIZATION of our diseases is even harder due to the PHYSICAL DISTANCY that CONFINEMENT forces us to do.

A commemoration without face-to-face and massive acts; without solidarity hugs or knowing looks; without sharing cares and disappointments between laughter and tears; without being able to perceive the heat of some and the indifference of many.But we know that, if chronic pain and fatigue do not stop, neither can they, nor can they, stop us; As owners of our personal and collective destiny, and through the ENTITIES that support us, we are going to cross the walls of confinement through current technologies and the sounding board that is SOCIAL NETWORKS.Because, those affected by fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome know a lot about CONFINEMENT, since the characteristics of these ruthless diseases very often deprive us of being able to carry out a normal personal, family, work and social life.

And we have learned to overcome physical barriers with technology, video conferencing, chatting, social networks ...

that virtually bring us closer when our bodies are sore and excessively exhausted.Therefore, aware that we will not be able to express our feelings and our demands in public events, we will approach them via SOCIAL NETWORKS to anyone who is interested in our problems, feels solidarity and wants to join their voice to ours.And we will also do it, through the 18th edition of the ANNUAL MANIFESTO.

A manifesto with which we intend to endorse and RECOGNIZE satisfied the ACHIEVEMENTS of all these years; also a Manifesto that wants to take advantage of this day for MANIFESTO WORLD DAY FM AND SFC 2020 Publicly THANK the unconditional support; the quality health care of more and more professionals; research with more vocation than budget; the exhaustive dedication of the entities, offering information, activities, filling gaps and relieving hearts.But a Manifesto that, also and, above all, is CLAIMING.

Who wants to show how far we are still from achieving the Normality of these diseases; appealing to those who make the laws, to those who must control its application and to those who must manage, both Health Care under the principles of Equity, Accessibility and Quality and Social Rights with fair and balanced evaluations.Also promoting Research and allocating finalist resources and funding programs to find better treatments and advance prevention; especially appealing to the Society to join us in defending our CITIZEN RIGHTS.A manifesto also claims regarding Central Sensitization Syndromes, such as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or Electrosensitivity, which carry a heavy burden towards recognition.

And, although we have found that this confinement is being especially hard for us in terms of deficiencies in the health and social fields, it has also led us to reflect on the experience it is giving us and the need we have to REINVENT ourselves once again.This great health crisis, which will entail a great economic and humanitarian crisis, must give rise to a NEW SOCIAL PARADIGM.

We must be attentive and PROACTIVE towards new ways of life, new values, new ways of relating, new ways of working.

Providing our experience in shared struggle; in overcoming challenges and breaking molds; in rising above our limitations.

In short, in solidarity and dignity, values ??that we can contribute to the construction of a new SOCIAL MODEL, in the face of an outdated, unfair and exclusive model.May 12, 2020

Social Welfare advocates introducing Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue in social, professional and political agendas, Foto 1

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