PP: "The mayor is late and without a road map to alleviate the socio-economic crisis due to his political vanity"


| The PP regrets that the consequences of the lack of foresight and coordinated work of the Mayor and his government team are suffered by the most vulnerable along with businesses and hoteliers | Clear example of their lack of foresight and their ego, are issues such as the change of place of the weekly market without consulting the merchants and being forced to rectify The Mayor is late to take action and without a roadmap to alleviate the socioeconomic crisis due to his personal vanity, wanting to star in the political agenda, excluding other political groups. The PP regrets that the consequences of the lack of foresight and coordinated work of the Mayor and the total disappearance of his government team to date, are suffered by totaneros, as well as businesses and hoteliers. Clear example of this attitude of lack of foresight and his political ego, we have it in the decision to change the location of the weekly market celebration, a proposal taken unilaterally without the merchants and that has forced him to rectify. Issues like these are evidence that the Mayor does not have a clear planning of actions for this socioeconomic crisis and is going to "jump off the bush", making announcements of proposals that other political groups have presented or making decisions without consensus with anyone. The municipal councilor has been unable to react in time to immediately face the deep socio-economic crisis that the most vulnerable people and those sectors that have been forced to close by the alarm decree are already suffering, especially when their mission was that together with obeying the instructions set by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health. The other municipalities have held their ordinary plenary session in April or have called an extraordinary plenary session and have already launched bonuses and grants for the most affected social sectors and for the self-employed and SMEs in their municipalities. The Municipal People's Group considers that the urgent thing is that these measures are put into action and if for this purpose the Mayor has to put "more medals", let him do it, but put into action the proposals that benefit the neighbors, regardless of which political party proposes them. The Popular Party welcomes the fact that the Mayor endorses the measures presented by this Municipal Group and the other members of the opposition, as his government lacks initiatives, but we regret that it bypasses the regulation of local finance law and does not convene a full meeting to not having to give explanations for not having presented a single measure for lack of ideas to help the residents of Totana We consider it necessary at this time that a plenary meeting be convened as soon as possible so that these measures that have been presented by the Popular Party since the beginning of April are put into action, if the mayor has to put on "more medals" , do it, but please take measures that truly benefit the affected sectors and stop selling smoke, walks and photos. Neighbors complain and demand from their Mayor fewer photographs, personal promotion videos, less social networks, fewer empty speeches with a desire to play a leading role and excuses of "poor payer" and more attention from minute one to the groups that complain about the total absence of councilmen, who must also fulfill their obligation and provide solutions to the situations and problems of totaneros.

PP: The mayor is late and without a road map to alleviate the socio-economic crisis due to his political vanity, Foto 1

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